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After the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines were rocked by explosions, the stakeholders launched a probe. While the majority have pointed fingers at Russia for self-sabotage - Gazprom, which maintains the pipeline has dropped a bombshell.

Reportedly, the Russian energy major on Monday said that nearly seven years ago, a mine destroyer was discovered at the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, belonging to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Sergei Kupriyanovm, the Gazprom spokesperson told the Russian state media that "munitions object" which was fished from a depth of 40 metres was cleared by the Swedish Armed Forces without providing much detail about its discovery at a suspicious location. "Gas transportation, halted because of the incident, was restored," added Sergei.

The Nord Stream website has an official account of the incident where it details that the pipeline was halted briefly before the Swedish forces carried the munitions away. The statement read:
"The piece of munitions was found in close proximity to the Nord Stream Line 2 on November 6, 2015 during routine survey operations as part of annual integrity assessment activities of the Nord Stream offshore pipeline system. The location of the object was in the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) approximately 120 km away from the island of Gotland. The relevant Swedish Authorities were informed and stayed in a direct contact with Nord Stream until the object was successfully cleared."
Attacks were pre-mediated: West

As reported extensively by WION, the two explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines were followed by unexplained gas leaks. The suspicious incidents were reported in the Baltic Sea off the Danish island of Bornholm.

According to Danish-Swedish investigation findings, the four breaches impacting the Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea were brought on by underwater explosions equivalent to hundreds of kilogrammes of explosives.

Germany, Denmark, and Sweden have claimed that those were pre-meditated attacks to destroy the pipeline.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has called it a ploy by the West after its sanctions did not affect Moscow.

While the supply of natural gas through the pipelines remains halted, the leaks have been plugged. Nord Stream 2 was repaired on October 1 followed by Nord Stream 1 on October 3.

"The larger leak is now no longer visible on the surface while the smaller one instead has increased slightly," the Swedish coast guard said in a statement regarding Nord Stream 1.