Truth is More Believable Than White House Fiction.

Less Truss
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This is how the White House described Biden's meeting with Truss at the UN.


SEPTEMBER 21, 2022 -
President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. met today with Prime Minister Liz Truss of the United Kingdom on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly. President Biden expressed his condolences for the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and his appreciation for the opportunity to pay his respects at the State Funeral. The leaders committed to continuing their governments' close coordination on global challenges, including support for Ukraine as it defends itself against Russian aggression, addressing challenges posed by China, and securing sustainable and affordable energy supplies. The leaders discussed the importance of continued support for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. They also affirmed their shared commitment to protecting the gains of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement.
What they really talked about:

Truss, a) asked Biden to bring down global energy prices.

b) She then asked Biden to enforce a total cutoff of all Russian oil exports.

Even Biden perceived that the requests were oxymoronic* since Putin's success in exporting large quantities of oil have been keeping a lid on the price of crude, which would undoubtedly soar if "Urals crude" vanished from world markets, thus further tanking the British economy, along with Truss' political fortunes and, more importantly, Democratic prospects in the midterms.

Following the meeting he told aides that the new British leader was "really dumb" and not to be treated seriously.

The same day Biden talked with Truss, he also met with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol. This is how the White House summarized that meeting:
President Joseph R Biden Jr met today with President Yoon Suk-yeol of the Republic of Korea (ROK) on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The two leaders reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen the US-ROK alliance and ensure close cooperation to address the threat posed by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

The presidents also discussed our ongoing cooperation on a broad range of priority issues including supply chain resilience, critical technologies, economic and energy security, global health, and climate change.
Trouble is, that meeting lasted only 48 seconds, so it is doubtful that the two leaders discussed any of the above. Yoon had banked on lobbying Biden to rescind the shafting of Korean electric car makers in the Inflation Reduction Act, which might have helped his plummeting political fortunes at home. The snub (maybe payback for his snub of Nancy Pelosi during her recent Asian tour) left him in a rage, pungently expressed to reporters immediately afterwords: "If those f***ers in the US Congress don't pass the [the $6 billion Global Fund appropriations] bill, how will Biden live down the sh*t-faced embarrassment?"

Reporting these events with wit and insight, K.J. Noh commented that "Little does the US understand that President Yoon - a political loose cannon - has the potential to blow up US-South Korea relations in ways that the Americans have not even begun to imagine. Pump-and-dump-the-chump is a bad way to keep its important clients, especially since the Yoon administration are not lovelorn fools but crafty opportunists. South Korea's supply-chain collaboration with China may only be the start.

As the US Empire unravels and its resentful vassals squirm and scatter, colorful language should be the least of their concerns.
  • Webster::Oxymoronic: a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (such as cruel kindness) broadly : something (such as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements.