The war in the Ukraine will be short, not long. Contrary to what today´s Western casino politicians and MSM talking heads tell us to expect, come 2023 — or even before - Europeans will no longer withstand the tremendous burden that their ´Russian sanctions´ bear upon themselves, not Russia. European public opinion has become ever louder and impatient in this respect and EU politicians are getting cold feet without any solution at hand, just babble. No plan, none, no foresight... only incongruent foolish G-7 ideas such as establishing a buyer´s price cap cartel for oil & gas in a seller´s market which will never get to see the light of day. And despite some minor losses, these sanctions will continue to leave the Russian Federation basically unscathed and just collecting ever-larger revenues - due to higher induced prices — for smaller volumes of exports delivered. This benefits Russia in two ways (a) getting paid more by producing less while saving the difference for future sales (b) it allows to finance Russia´s attrition-war strategy forever while Europeans will very soon crawl and beg for a solution to their own unbearable "Russian sanctions".

NATO knows this. So another possibility is that the necessarily short Ukraine war goes nuclear, be it because there is no other way for NATO to possibly win or because Russia is once again forced to attack due to constantly-repeated large-caliber direct NATO-orchestrated threats. More on both possibilities later, and even a third regarding Europe´s further vassalization and possible rape. Either way, any way - it´s worth repeating - the Ukraine war will be short.

And even the Davos crowd - after dragging its feet for way too long — has finally accepted that the West is now losing and that Russia is winning in all fronts. Be it militarily, geo-politically, strategically, financially, economics or logistics... despite all forecasts and plans made, Russia was better at it and today is obviously defeating NATO all around. True enough, today Russia does not fully control world food supplies nor all of the world´s energy, but in that respect, Russia does hold a "unique, essential and indispensable" role - sounds familiar, doesn´t it? (*) - better than anyone around, surely regarding Europe today, correct? And concerning the control of the very last factor of this essential trifecta, namely money, well it´s definitely a Russian + Chinese + BRICS "work-in-progress" project with a complete 180 degrees re-definition of what "real money" shall be while de-throning today´s be-all and end-all petro-dollar. This would plain do away with SWIFT + Bretton Nothing + the all-American softie jazz such as the Federal Reserve which is as "Federal" as Federal Express and has zero "reserves" of anything, just legions of un-funded liabilities and un-payable debts plus piles of worthless electronic bits and bytes

de-dollarizing the dollar

The world´s de-dollarization process is already underway with direct involvement of BRICS+ countries now including the world´s No.1 crude oil exporter namely Saudi Arabia — per China's direct invitation and with Russia being No.2 — and with Iran and Argentina´s pending urgent acceptance. This means having yet more oil & gas and yet more food produce on the BRICS+ side of the equation. So raw-power relationships and key leverage parameters are undergoing a very major shift around the world nowadays. And "rapid changes are taking place in the global monetary system that may affect the international role of the dollar" as admonitioned by Jerome Powell himself, no more and no less than the man in charge of the US monetary policy. Another example is that Germany just had its first trade deficit in 30 years as the costs of its imports have soared while foreign sales have dropped for this most export-oriented economy. And future projections are even worse
Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin
Xi Jinping, President of China and Vladimir Putin, President of Russia
(*) first paragraph: Europe fails with German help

Ref #1: "Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world." — Henry Kissinger quotes

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Furthermore, many remain silent about specifics of the original NATO plan which was supposedly aimed at Ukraine and Russia as the only affected territories with direct severe impact upon the livelihood of their population. But of course NATO supposedly would not ever prepare a plan to negatively affect the direct visible promoter of the conflict, namely Europe, no ? Yet, the unexpected backlash of the EU-imposed "Russian sanctions" has been instead to seriously affect Europe, and really not so much Russia which, supposedly, was the only target to be impacted. So the West now finds itself — under EU unelected politicians in full charge and command — directly or indirectly self-harming Europe while Russia has its own territory unscathed and still reaping the benefits of the whole nonsense. True enough, Russia has taken some losses, but fundamentally just keeps gradually and relentlessly recovering Ukrainian territories one right after another and collecting ever-higher revenues and also with the Ruble sky-high.

For their part, Ukrainians badly lost their territories and livelihoods while Europeans find themselves in a very awkward and unexpected situation which terribly worsens by the hour and with no end in sight. Let´s repeat it: the impact of the supposedly "Russian sanctions" come 2023 - or before — will become unbearable for Europeans, not Russians.

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Ref #7: Macron says he doesn't want to 'annihilate' Russia

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biden queen elizabeth
© Samir Hussein/Pool/WireImageQueen Elizabeth Meets President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, June 13, 2021
This unexpected self-inflicted slow-motion demolition of sorts was not what Europe had in mind for itself nor understood to be the price they´ll have to pay for fighting - let alone winning — this NATO provoked Ukraine war. So this begs the question regarding exactly what was then the original plan all about if any. The only probably 100% sure answers are that (a) yes, there was a NATO Anglo-Saxon plan that Europe accepted and (b) we may never know exactly what such plan was. But we can posit our best educated guesstimate with our best objective attitude. And only time may possibly tell how accurate we were. For the time being our only guides are the cui bono and cui nocere principles (´who benefits´ and ´who harms´). Or maybe US President Joe Biden and Queen Elizabeth II could know...

unwarranted provocation

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes" - said Samuel Langhorne Clemens better known as ´Mark Twain´.

The Ukraine war was definitely planned by NATO for many years, probably more than ten. This is no secret as NATO´s top dog Jens Stoltenberg openly admitted to such extent. As the most distinguished and respected University of Chicago scholar Dr. John Mearsheimer has repeatedly proven "...the Western alliance began training the Ukrainian military in 2014, averaging 10,000 trained troops annually over the next eight years regardless of who occupied the White House". In December 2017, the Trump administration, together with other NATO states, began sending 'defensive' weapons to Ukraine, while Kiev took a major role in military exercises held on the Russian border.

Furthermore, all sorts of joint-forces naval drills were held in the Black Sea right next to Russia " to enhance the interoperability " which would give Ukraine much of what was already being given to regular paying NATO client states. Yet Ukrainian actor-President Volodymyr Zelenskyy just kept asking for more, and NATO was happy to comply. Only that an often missed reality - even by NATO experts, let alone Ukrainian Zelenskyy — is that the Ukraine is a very large place and supply lines to the self-imposed Eastern fighting front are all over and are always very long and thus vulnerable. As Germany´s Wehrmacht learned the tough way biting the Russian dust during WW2 this is something worth taking into account before, not after hostilities start. So maybe this and other unforgivable mistakes may explain French President Emmanuel Macron´s "brain-dead" description of NATO and his current desire not to "annihilate" Russia as if anybody really could, let alone France. Yet again, it´s impossible to make this stuff up...

At any rate Crimea held a democratic referendum vote with the widespread presence of foreign observers that resulted in 97% approval to rejoin Russia. So, after so many unwarranted Western / Ukraine provocations, and lots of terrible nazi commandos killings of Russian-origin folks — including but not limited to the many "Azov battalions" — at the very least it is quite easy to understand why Russia launched its special military operation in view of so much foreign military and unwarranted provocation.

Ref #9: NATO boss lets the cat out of the bag: US-led bloc has 'been preparing since 2014' to use Ukraine for proxy conflict with Russia

Ref #10: Macron says he doesn't want to 'annihilate' Russia

President of France Emmanuel Macron
As a matter of fact, NATO's first Secretary-General, Lord Ismay, famously noted that the mission of the bloc was "to keep the Russians out, the Germans down, and the Americans in." So NATO meant a significant full-time US military presence in Europe which undertook a thirty-year program of expansion violating the commitment made to Soviet leaders, leaving Russia weakened. And then the crisis flared up when Ukrainian nazi nationalists began brutalizing the region's Moscow-leaning majority. Two NATO members, France and Germany, helped perpetuate a fraudulent peace process - namely the Minsk Accords — which former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko recently admitted were nothing more than a sham perpetrated for the purpose of buying time so that NATO could train and equip the Ukrainian military for the purpose of forcibly seizing control of both Donbass and Crimea. As Germany´s Der Spiegel reports, NATO was pressured by the US to wage economic war against Russia. Seriously? Who would have known, no?

Ref #11: NATO has completed its post-Cold War transformation from Europe's guard dog into America's attack dog

Ref #12: Dmitri Trenin: Russia has made a decisive break with the West and is ready to help shape a new world order

Ref #13: EU power grab used to wage economic war against Russia - media

the plan

A plausible explanation - which I am inclined to mostly agree with - is an Anglo-Saxon let´s ´Rape Russia ´ plan (or possibly Europe itself if the "Rape Russia" plan fails...) having the bought-for EU-Ukraine team acting in the forefront despite possibly ending up as the final victim. This Anglo-Saxon plan would aim at 3 different goals, any one of which would satisfy US + UK interests. Of course, achieving more than one goal would mean a highly destructive geo political + financial + economical one-two punch of sorts. Fortunately, the first two goals do not seem achievable, but possible nuclear warfare may change things (more on that later)... or else Europe could be foolish enough not to back down to Russia´s legitimate claims ending up destroyed by sanctions (with Russia unscathed) while the US and UK would later come in and prey on the bargains. That´d be goal No.3, Victoria Nuland´s Anglo-Saxon "fuck the EU "(sic)

3 goals

Goal No.1 = sanctions + asset theft to harm & isolate Russia from the world economy (90% failed) but also hurt Europe

Goal No.2 = military win in the Ukraine by conventional warfare with regime change in Russia so far 100% failed.

The possible future achievement of goal No. 2 could change dramatically with onset of nuclear warfare.

Goal No.3 = munch popcorn and watch Europe suicide itself by opposing Russia while USA stays put and cheers on.

This goal No. 3 would actually take place thru Russian counter-sanctions impoverishing Europe ASWKI.

This plan had always the US leading from behind (and the UK partnering along) while having full control of the duly and readily bought-for EU and Ukrainian leaders. Goal No.1 sanctions were intended to break down any and all Russian business capabilities to abort Russia´s integration into the EU and world economy pretty much forever so that Russia would not ever more compete with Anglo-Saxon interests - especially in Europe — LNG included. A simple enough example would be the already achieved flow reduction of the North Stream 1 and full shut-down of NS2... or the Druzbha pipeline... or the EU import ban on Russian seaborne oil thus tearing Gerhard Schröder´s strategy of Russian energy vis-á-vis European growth into tiny humiliating pieces. This goal No.1 at the most has been 10% ´achieved´ (more on that later) as it has badly backfired on Europeans while Russia had correctly planned for it and thus rapidly and successfully pivoted to Asia and the BRICS+. So the goal No.1 should be considered as 90% failed with Russia cruising along with European revenues and the Ruble as strong as it cares to be... while Europe weakens to the point of breakdown come 2023. So even "failing" for Russia, be advised that this goal No.1 has self-hurt and vassalized Europe much further and now making it ever more dependable on the US and UK "help" and intervention in its geopolitical decisions. As UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss infamously said " Geo-politics is baaaaack "
BRICS summit
© CNNChinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa pose during a BRICS meeting held during a G20 summit in Osaka in June 2019.
goal No.2

This goal No.2 would mean a EU-Ukraine conventional military triumph over Russia - something truly far-fetched and ´to the last Ukranian´ bleeding and suffering — also triggering a regime change thus leaving Russian assets for pennies on the dollar to buy out and control just like in the old Yeltsin days of yore. Fortunately, so far zero luck with any such rape of Russian spoils and even with sky-high support for Vladimir Putin´s policies today throughout the Russian Federation. So, if ever achieved, goal No. 2 would mean "let´s rape Russia together". Thus Europe, the supposed cradle of Western civilization, by actively participating in goal No.2 would have been promptly subdued by its own prostituted leaders and followed the US with possibly suicidal orders while in the pocket of what US President Dwight Eisenhower warned about in his 1961 farewell speech, namely the US "Military - Industrial Complex". Still, despite the lack of success against Russia, the plan has further vassalized (and self-harmed) Europe now strictly kow-towing the US line in exchange for well stacked off-shore bank accounts for the very usefull services rendered. Be that as it may, per this state of affairs, among many other problems Europeans now — and the rest of the fuel-deficient world for that matter — will have to pay for energy an un-payable price "for as long as it takes" so that 'the liberal world order can subsist'" per White House economic adviser Brian Deese and also confirmed by US President Joseph Biden

Ref #14: 'Fuck the EU': US diplomat Victoria Nuland's phonecall leaked - video

Ref #15: White House adviser claims high gas prices necessary for 'future of the liberal world order'

Ref #16: America's Conquest of Western Europe: Is Europe Doomed By Vassalage To Washington?

goal No. 3

If Europeans did not react soon enough and revert course 180 degrees as explained later, Europe would continue vassalized depending ever more upon the US and would continue self-hurting itself with "Russian" sanctions, not Russia. Furthermore, the EU+Ukries team is also losing the conventional military war. So then goal No. 3 would eventually apply when Europe ended up pretty much suiciding itself (as explained below) thus allowing for the US and London to come in and pick up the pieces and keeping it all for peanuts. Goal No. 3 would materialize because Russia is already fed-up of so much unjustified aggression from the EU, just sick and tired of so much nonsense and wasted opportunities during decades of accommodation to European needs. So with or without sanctions, Russia would simply sell ever-lower amounts of oil & gas & food and other strategic commodities to Europe which are not that easy to find elsewhere as Europe needs them regarding quality, quantity, price, type, delivery, etc. This would happen most probably not because Russia wanted to starve and freeze Europe to death, but rather because she would have simply found new and much better export clients elsewhere and with whom to grow together in every sense, most probably BRICS+ Accordingly, Russia would prefer to take better care of such new business, trade and political partners - with different currencies involved, not dollars nor euros — and plain forgetting about "crazy-wicked and agreement un-capable"(sic) US and EU which have thrown all the great Russian opportunities to the waste basket after decades of Russia behaving as an excellent business partner to no avail, just EU-US warmongering in return. Goal No. 3 would then be achieved when Russia as explained above - or for whatever reasons and without firing a single shot — would just impoverish Europe to the point which US and UK investors could step in and buy it out like vulture funds do with sovereign bonds (think Argentina 2001) for pennies on the dollar. This outcome would be welcomed by the US & the UK, of course, the real puppeteers pulling the strings of it all and ready to prey upon an empoverished vassal Europe.

Middle Ages-type massive migrations can eventually get to be a deep-learning experience for all as "Kobold" (gremlin) Annalena Bärbock in all her green glory is about to see as the German Minister for Foreign Affairs. Furthermore, even with supposed ´money´ in their pockets, the European elites will not come out of this disaster smelling like roses. No 'money' will ever buy food or fuel or heating in these circumstances. The EU leadership is slowly realizing that lots of Russian-sourced produce has no substitute thus forcing them to bet the farm on winning the war with Russia which the US-EU-Ukraine team duly prepared for and thought it would be easy stuff... and it was not. Of course, as Russia has stashed up lots of money already, she could decide to just cut-off both oil & gas to Europe, period. Then goal No.3 would instantly kick in. In essence, it´s a stand-off between Europe´s need of Russian produce versus achieving an apparently impossible Russian regime change real soon. If the latter outcome does not happen, the former rules. Anglo-Saxons would win either way.

Ref #17: Can the West survive without Russian oil?

Ref #18: EU outlines energy emergency plan

Rubles, not dollars nor euros
modern russian currency one thousand ruble
1000 Ruble banknote
And Russia now also says "it´s our products so you pay in Rubles, okay ?" Why euros or dollars? You plain rob them anyways, so you propose paying for my produce for nothing? Russia does not need, care to have, or find a use for your payment in dollars or euros which are only your strict nonsense, not ours. This includes oil + nat-gas + LNG + refined products + wheat + everything else

Ref #19: Russia demands rubles for grain exports

go nuclear ?

The US & UK productive game of yesteryear is over and done, ´Made in USA´ does not exist anymore, the gold-decoupled Bretton Nothing "petro-dollar" standard is in terminal crisis, sanctions backfired, the Ukraine war is being lost, and 75% of the world does not agree with us anymore. So the last resort the US could find was an EU let´s "Rape Russia together" pirating plan - by the way, already tried before — but this time also with Western ´intelligence´ advocating for a change of regime and active "yeltsinization" of Russia so as to buy Russian failed assets for peanuts. So, just pounce on Russia soon and hard enough, ruin Russian business capabilities forever, cut off her trade and finances, etc., etc., and possibly force a regime change, keep on grabbing Russian resources, just steal all that´s left or buy it on the cheap, "yeltsinize" Russia all over again, fraction and balkanize the Russian Federation into smaller weaker Western-manageable portions, etc., etc., and schadenfreude it all the way to the bank...Clear enough?

And if this fails just let Russia impoverish Europe to the point of breakdown and then Anglo-Saxons buy it all for cents

But, wait... what happens if none of these plans come to fruition ? Would the US just bite the bullet ?

It may happen that The Anglo-Saxon Powers That Be do not want to appear as losers, wish to save face, and under a false flag excuse decide to try out Armageddon with a nuclear first-strike strategy against Russia. True enough, in that case, today the Russian Federation's technologies seem capable of defending properly and even effectively counter-attacking, but the nuclear option could certainly change world scenarios and the possible outcome of Goal No. 2

Clear enough, most US leaders anyway now want war ( any winning war ) with Russia while Russia is trying to avoid war by all means. But the NATO provocations just keep coming relentlessly. So at some point, Russia may also be backed into a corner, and it won't take long for the battle to go nuclear. And Russian General Andrei Gurulyov does not mince words. " We will strike London first," says he per referenced quote below. And even Vladimir Putin himself has not beaten around the bush regarding the Russian Federation now being on "maximum nuclear warfare alert". And Johnson or Biden or Putin not being in charge would not change anything. It´s national policy in all three countries.

Beware: Russia has clear advantages in this regard, so act accordingly and do not let politicians sell out your future... or your lives. For example, do not let any politician or group of politicians or party lie you into a war which only Congress has the prerogative to declare, not by an Executive Order from Joe Alzheimer´s handlers. Let´s just get angry at the right things and not at each other.

Comment: The pathocrats relies on dividing the common people against each other so that the anger never gets directed at them. If people wake up to that their true enemy are those in power and not each other, then much can change. The example of Sri Lanka where the leaders are now fleeing, could repeat in the West with unknown consequences.

Ref #20: Paul Craig Roberts Nuke War Coming, Mysterious Deaths Don't Stop, Dems Can't Win

Ref #21: Close associate of Putin: If the Third world war breaks out, lead target would be...

Ref #22: US eyes direct war with Russia - Belarus

In my humble opinion, the only solution for Europe today is
  • stop the Russophobia right now and embrace Russia as a business partner
  • reverse the current unwarranted course 180 degrees on all fronts Ukraine included
  • tell the US + UK warmongering neo-cons to drop dead and go home
  • return the money and all assets robbed from Russia
  • change your political leadership ASAP, en masse
  • elect Herr Gerhard Schröder as Chancellor of Germany and leader of Europe
  • accept Russia´s legitimate territorial claims
  • accept Asia´s success and the decline of Europe and the Western world at large
  • acknowledge multipolarity and fully accept Asia´s legitimate well-earned future role
  • drop the Anglo-Saxon Brexitology superiority-complex philosophy
  • guarantee Russia´s existential security
  • get rid of nazi influence everywhere
  • fully comply with the Minsk Accords
  • become "agreement-capable" and relate with Russia and China respecting wording and spirit of agreed terms.
  • stop the shameful European nonsense now exposed for the world to see.
  • THINK strategically, ACCEPT your limited capabilities, and get rid of US + UK influence altogether
If Europe rejects this only effective SOLUTION, then let´s just sit back and watch Europe suffer the inevitable consequences and so be it. Most probably with the US & UK achieving their carefully planned goal No. 3 whereby Europe ends up fully vassalized and raped by Anglo-Saxons while dismissing Russia as a reliable business associate.