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OpenVAERS, the site which makes data from the U.S. vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) accessible, has added a new feature which neatly illustrates that the high number of reported fatalities from the Covid vaccines is unlikely to be due to an unusually high reporting rate in 2021 and 2022.

The new feature allows you quickly to compare deaths reported for Covid vaccines and other vaccines by turning on and off the data for each. This allows you to see that the reports for other vaccines remain at a normal (relatively low) level, whereas the reports for Covid vaccines are many times higher - 41 times higher than for other vaccines in 2021 and 29 times higher in 2022 so far (up to June 3rd). This is an indication that suspected Covid vaccine deaths are not being reported at an unusually high rate owing to increased propensity to report in 2021 and 2022 compared to previous years.

All deaths reported by VAERS

OpenVAERS (date to June 3rd 2022)
Non-Covid vaccine deaths

Non-Covid vaccine deaths
These figures don't take into account the number of vaccine doses delivered. There were 590 million Covid vaccines doses distributed in the U.S. up to June 3rd 2022 and 13,365 reported deaths, giving a rate of 22.7 deaths per million doses (using data just on U.S. deaths and not deaths reported from overseas). In 2019 there were around 180 million flu vaccinations distributed in the U.S. and 181 reported deaths, giving a reported rate of one death per million doses (on the conservative assumption that all U.S. reported vaccine deaths in 2019 were due to the flu vaccine, which is the main vaccine given to older folk).

This means that around 23 times more U.S. deaths per dose have been reported for Covid vaccines than for flu vaccines, a figure which we can now see was not due to 2021 and 2022 being bumper years for reporting.

Note that these figures do not take into account under-reporting. The under-reporting factor for vaccine deaths is estimated to be somewhere between 10 and 100 (so that the real number of deaths is 10-100 times higher than the reported number).

The new OpenVAERS feature was added following a talk by Steve Kirsch this week (slide deck here) in which the significance of the comparison to non-Covid vaccinations was underlined.