Colossal Bath At Babolovo
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Babolovo (known also as Babolovka) Palace is a historical building located near the city of St. Petersburg, Russia. This palace was built in towards the end of the 18 th century, during the reign of Catherine II of Russia (also commonly known as Catherine the Great). One of the most curious objects to be found in this palace is a giant bath made of granite, known as the 'Tsar Bath', which was added to the building some decades after its construction. Today, the palace, which is part of the Babolovo Park, is in ruins. Nevertheless, there have been plans to preserve the palace from further destruction, as well as to develop the park surrounding it.

The ruins of Babolovo palace
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Babolovo Palace is located in the town of Tsarskoye Selo (meaning 'Tsar's Village'), which is about 24 km to the south of St. Petersburg. The palace is situated close to the Catherine Palace and the Alexander Palace, both of which are renowned imperial residences from the time of the Russian Empire. In 1780, the grounds adjoining that of the Catherine Palace were presented by Catherine the Great to Grigory Potemkin, a Russian nobleman who was also the empress' favourite at that time.

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