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When did the world become insane? What is the reason for it? Big Brother? Depopulation? Or people in love with control? I don't know and it's driving me nuts. But I've decided I'm tired of complaining about it to my friends and family and I'm willing to put my name on the line. If the woke culture wants to ruin me for speaking the truth, I guess I might as well just get it over with now.

I have been a physician for 24 years, a practicing ENT for 19 years. I have never before seen the medical establishment just stop thinking. Insanity is the new rule, and common sense cannot even be discussed.

From the beginning, 15 days to flatten the curve, I was shocked. We had never done this before, but perhaps this virus was really bad, so I gave the government the benefit of the doubt.

Then came Fauci. He initially said social distancing didn't work, and masks were largely ineffective. But by late March, he pronounced both masking and social distancing necessary. flag. But what really hit me was that he went on to say people should use Tinder and Grindr at their own discretion. What? How do you socially distance that? So now I am alarmed.

I started researching the utility of masks. There were very good articles I found — one out of a respiratory center in Chicago, and another a good dental review. I bookmarked both of them. Less than a month later, the dental website was down, replaced by a text saying basically that their information is now irrelevant because of COVID. The Chicago article also had a disclaimer that previously wasn't there saying people shouldn't use their article politically. What? Don't use a scientifically-derived article to make a scientifically based decision on the utility of masks? What the hell is going on?

Next comes PCR. Let's conveniently jack up the cycles to 40+, resulting in a 90-97% false-positive rate, then let's start testing all elective surgery, asymptomatic exposures, and hospitalized patients. In addition, we will reimburse hospitals greatly for COVID admissions and ICU visits. Oxygen doesn't work; go home until you get worse. Oh, and bring your family and friends with you; they'll need testing.

Steroids were advised against early on, which makes no sense because they do decrease inflammation and in ENT have been used widely for viral illness. Next, we find a few weeks later the secret drug to treat COVID: steroids. What?

HCQ, not safe. Has been used for decades worldwide with a great safety profile, but not anymore, because orange man bad. Mention it, and you are a lunatic. The same went for any other proven therapeutic, such as ivermectin and vitamin D.

Vaccines? I wouldn't trust anything the president made. That was Kamala Harris back in the fall. Now if you don't get vaccinated, you don't care about other people, and you wanna watch people die. Oh, and by the way, we should vaccinate everyone, including those who previously had COVID, pregnant women, and small children.

What about VAERS? That's the open record report system that the CDC has made almost unnavigable. It's slowly crept up and showed up to 12,000 deaths coincident with the vaccine. Then dropped to 6,000, only to come back up to 10,000 and now back to 12,000. Just a little glitch from our trustworthy government. There are reports that the numbers could be ten times or more as high, and perhaps the CDC is misclassifying deaths to hide them. But let's trust the government; they've been so good thus far.

Now the latest, the delta variant, is surging because of the unvaccinated. Ignore the data from other countries that have very high vaccine rates but high spiking cases, and ignore the data from other countries that have low vaccine rates and almost no COVID. As a matter of fact, let's not even look at Sweden, which essentially didn't do lockdowns or masking, has a low vaccination rate, and has almost zero COVID.

I have never lived in a world like this, where open medical dialogue is completely suppressed and there is only one party line. I thought the left was always talking about how we shouldn't bully people, and we need to have "dialogue." Well...let's start. The media and the government need to do their job and start opening dialogue to the other side. If we are crazy, it will come out. If we are right, and the data show that to be the fact, then a large apology is warranted.