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The effects of government lockdowns to counter the pundemic continue to reverberate across the globe. This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the sharp rise in non-Covid illnesses as social distancing measures ease and seasonal viral transmission returns with a vengeance.

In apparent response to this and other 'side-effects' of lockdowns, governments are responding with increasingly radical control measures. Media reports about food shortages and Covid vaccines becoming mandatory round off another hellish week in the Land of Pandemia...

Running Time: 01:48:40

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Show notes

Tucker Carlson vs the NSA

Spanish emergency law

US govt to 'go door-to-door' with Covid shots

Covid-19 outbreaks in fully vaccinated nursing homes

Australian government vaccination advert

UK anti-protest law

UK '5-year-plan'

Ireland indoor dining

RSV outbreak Australia & New Zealand

RSV outbreak USA

RSV outbreak France & Japan

UK 'rolling food shortages'

Empty shelves in UK supermarkets

Truck driver shortage UK

UK government on meat tax in February

UK government on meat tax in June

World Economic Forum paper on meat tax

Cargill food crisis simulation