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Visitors to the Healthy Moscow pavilion in Sokolniki Park expect to be vaccinated against COVID-19б 20.06.2021, Russia.
Russia's human rights commissioner has said she is receiving a large number of appeals from citizens over new rules requiring many workers in public-facing jobs to sign up for coronavirus vaccines, amid a new spike in infections.

Ombudsman Tatiana Moskalkova, the country's civil-liberties watchdog, told listeners to the Vesti FM radio station on Tuesday that she was concerned about the measures that have been imposed in Moscow, St Petersburg and in a number of other regions. In the Russian capital, 60% of employees working in industries like hospitality, transport and entertainment venues will have to have received the jab.

"I believe that pushing vaccinations in this way is a dishonest game - a dishonest action," she said. "Of course, the idea itself is correct, to protect society," Moskalkova added, warning, however, that "the mechanisms by which it is being implemented are giving rise to mass psychosis and making people fear coercion."

Comment: Indeed. That seems to be a significant part of this nefarious agenda.

"Most importantly," she said, "it is not clear why those who do not go for the vaccine should be discriminated against, because they have antibodies - they have already been ill - or they cannot for medical reasons."

Comment: Note that herd immunity in Russia was considered to have been achieved months ago.

Moskalkova gave the example of the mining giant Norilsk Nickel, one of Russia's largest businesses. "All their employees were told that if they do not get vaccinated, they won't ever be able to go on summer vacation and they can forget about their bonuses. There are a huge number of threats, [including that] they will be fired," she said.

Officials in Moscow published the order last week, as the city set a record for its maximum daily number of recorded Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic.. Describing the epidemiological situation as "unfavorable," the city's top sanitary doctor, Elena Andreeva, warned that "there is an increase in the number of people who actively visit public places while sick," attending venues and using mass-transit systems.

Comment: 'Cases' do not equal sick people; and, because of the faulty and inaccurate tests being used, these 'cases' may be people who are not even be shedding the virus.

Defending the requirements for those serving the public to be vaccinated, the Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, said that "ultimately, it's up to everyone to get vaccinated or not," he said. "You can protect yourself or hope that everything will work out... This is a personal matter... as long as you sit at home or in the country."

Comment: So the mayor says it's personal choice whether to take the vaccine, but that you will be imprisoned in your home or exiled if you don't submit.

"But when you go out into public places and come into contact with other people, willingly or unwillingly, you become an accomplice of the epidemiological process. This is the chain link for the spread of a dangerous virus," the mayor said.

"Moreover, if you work in an organization that serves a large circle of people, then in a pandemic it is definitely not only your own business, no matter what personal protective equipment you use," Sobyanin added.

Comment: States in the US are open and they've seen no rise in cases when compared to other states that are still suffering lockdown-like conditions, so there's clearly more going on here than what the fearmongers are claiming. Lest we also forget Sweden that never really locked down and, actually, unsurprisingly, fared better.

Moscow to require proof of Covid-19 vaccination or negative test to visit bars & restaurants

FILE PHOTO. Moscow, Russia.
The measures, announced by Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin on Tuesday, will require residents to scan a QR code before entering hospitality venues including eateries, food courts, pubs and other public spaces.

Only those who have proof of vaccination, evidence that they have had coronavirus within the past six months, or a negative PCR test within the previous three days will be given the digital certificate. Those who have only had one shot of the vaccine will reportedly also be eligible under the scheme.

Comment: With only one vaccine being required, the scheme doesn't even follow the nonsensical 'science'.

"The situation with the spread of Covid remains very difficult," Sobyanin said. "There are more than 14,000 seriously ill people in hospitals. The healthcare system is fully mobilized."

Comment: It's likely that those in hospital are so because of other illnesses, as has been the case across the planet throughout this manufactured crisis.

From June 28, the system will become "mandatory for all restaurants and cafes that want to continue operating as usual." Takeaway meals and delivery will be the only option available to those without a QR code. Two million people in Europe's largest city have reportedly already received their first dose.

Comment: Moscow is home to 12 million people, so they've got to coerce 10 million more. Remember, Russia had its vaccine out before the rest of the world, so, clearly, Russians are not interested; with one recent count reporting just 4% of the entire population suffered the vaccine. It's a similar situation in the US.

The city has already effectively banned nightlife, with a two-week ban on bars and clubs serving patrons past 11pm.

At the same time, a previous rule banning mass events has been tightened, barring venues from having more than 500 customers on-site at any time.

Officials have confirmed that companies can suspend staff without pay to meet their quotas. Similar rules have been imposed in St. Petersburg and other Russian regions.

However, the Kremlin has defended Sobyanin's decision, with presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying it supported the new measures in response to a uniquely difficult epidemiological situation.