black man racist chinese cop
As the NYPD took action to close New York's Washington Square Park for a 10 pm curfew over the weekend, a black man hurled racial insults at an Asian officer.

"You're not even from this country. Piece of sh*t," the man said to the officer. The officer did not respond to the insults.

"F*ckin' ch*nk, f*ckin' ch*nk, f*ckin' ch*nk. He's a f*ckin' ch*nk. Get the f*ck outa here, ch*nk, get the f*ck outa here," the man said.

"Stay on the sidewalk," the officer tells him.

"As long as I'm on the sidewalk I'm good. I'm on the sidewalk, I'm on the sidewalk," he said as the officers try to move him along from the park, which is in the center of NYU's sprawling, urban, Greenwich Village campus. The park has been subject to a 10 pm curfew, at the request, in part, of local residents.

"You ch*nk, he's a f*ckin' ch*nk, get the f*ck outa here," he said. He repeated this several times as officers instructed him to stay on the sidewalk.

A passerby on a bike told him to stop talking like that, saying that it was "f*cked up," but the man continued, telling the officer to "suck my dick."

Another passerby told him to "stop with the racist sh*t."

"Black people can't be racist," the Asian-hating black man said. "Suck my dick."

"What you wanna do?" The man said to the cops as they pulled barricades in front of Washington Square's iconic arch.

"Watch your mouth," the officer said.

The man continued to insult him, and asked "Watch my mouth or what, you ch*nk?" He called the officers "pigs" as well. "Back up, you ch*nk! I'm out here all night, all night, captain," he said.

"I work for the state, you piece of sh*t, I pay your fuckin salary," he told the officers. "You f*ckin b*tch-a** motherf*cker, I'm out here all night, by myself, I ain't gotta have a 100 people with me, I'm by myself, you f*ckin ch*nk."

The officers walked away after they had cleared the park, but the man continued, and filmed it on his cell phone.

"This isn't about all Asian people," the man said, "let me get this straight, I'm talking about the f*ckin cops, the cops are not our friends. You understand? I want to get that clear, because he walked by and said 'that's racist.' Black people cannot be racist. We can be prejudice, pre-judge something, but we cannot be racist, these motherf*ckers are racist."

Comment: Sounds pretty racist to us.

He went on to say "And the thing about it is, whether you Asian, Hispanic, other than European, and you join the police force, you should know the oppression being placed down on our people. That's why I called him a ch*nk, I wanna get that clear.

"I was at work and I was pulled down here, and everybody left," he said. "But guess what, I know how to read them, notice that they ain't arrest me, I know how to make them run," he said.

The park was closed by NYPD officers at 10 pm each weekend night.

The NYPD released a statement, saying:

"Each day, NYPD officers are expected to maintain a level of professionalism under an array of difficult circumstances. In this instance, an Asian police officer was subjected to an ugly onslaught of racial slurs and maintained his composure. However, it is disturbing to see this type of language used against any Asian person in light of the disturbing increase of Asian hate crimes citywide."