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Sasha was shot in the head on May 23. The Black Lives Matter activist and mum-of-two was left fighting for her life after being gunned down at a birthday bash in Southwark, south London two weeks ago.
No guests at a busy party where Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson was shot have come forward with information, police say.

The mum-of-two, 27, was left fighting for her life after being gunned down in Southwark, south London two weeks ago.

She had been at a garden bash attended by around 30 people - but, so far, none of the guests have spoken out as witnesses, it is said.

The Met launched a probe in the immediate aftermath and arrested five males in connection with the incident.

Four have since been bailed while Cameron Deriggs, 18, has been charged with conspiracy to murder.
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Police continue to appeal for information
The force said that, while enquiries continue, there is nothing to suggest Sasha was targeted.

Comment: And yet later in the article we learn she was shot in the head?

And detectives have now issued a renewed appeal for information amid the silence from partygoers.

DCI Richard Leonard told the Evening Standard that officers' bodyworn camera footage was being inspected at the moment.

He said: "People were incredibly upset and in shock.

"But the reality is nobody who was at that party has come forward to give us a statement or any further information."

He added that it is "vital" police that we gather as much information as possible.

"Sasha remains in a critical condition, and her family has been left devastated by what has happened," the detective said.

"We are in regular contact with them, and quite rightly, they have a lot of questions that are currently unanswered."

Sasha's mother, Ellet Dalling, said: "What has happened to Sasha has left us devastated.

"She is currently fighting for her life in hospital with two children asking where their mummy is, what do I tell them?

"Someone must have information to what happened and to come forward.

"Sasha is passionate about standing up for others, please come forward and stand up for Sasha.

"Come forward to help us, I know it is not always easy but imagine if it was your daughter or the mother of your children.

"I believe there are people out there that can help."

Oxford Brookes University graduate Sasha was shot in the head at a party on Consort Road at around 3am on May 23.

Investigators said previously that four men in dark clothing burst in and she was hit in the "ensuing melee".

Sasha was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, where she remains in a critical condition.

Scotland Yard said a man - believed to be aged in his 20s - also suffered a superficial knife injury during the incident.

He attended hospital and was discharged following treatment.

Deriggs, of Lewisham, did not give an indication of a plea when he appeared at Westminster magistrates' court last month.

He was remanded in custody ahead of another hearing on June 25.