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US President Joe Biden • Political Consultant/Author Dick Morris
Joe Biden has no idea what he is doing and this is good for those behind the scenes running the operation. They can push the most insane and inefficient laws and regulations in history and Biden and half the American people won't know it. President Biden's infrastructure proposal is meant to collectivize the nation, political strategist Dick Morris said Sunday in harsh criticism of the bill.

Morris, a former advisor to President Bill Clinton, speaking on "The Cats Roundtable" radio show hosted by John Catsimatidis on WABC 770 AM, shared:
"Biden's infrastructure package is designed to collectivize the United States, to regiment us, to unionize us, and to make us controllable and tractable as an economy. The metaphor that comes to mind is when Stalin insisted that all the farmers go to collective farms. You cannot get those funds unless you unionize. Davis-Bacon will control all of that spending. You have to have a union for your company to qualify. That's going to force the entire construction industry and huge numbers of other industries into unionization."

"Biden intends to make the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act part of the legislation bill, which would be the greatest disaster we've ever had.

"The general public does not yet know about the PRO Act, but said that the end result would be that nobody can work for themselves. Everybody has to be on a corporate payroll. If you are a consultant or a contractor or a freelancer, you have to close up shop and become an employee of your client or the people you contract with.

"This means that some 30 to 40 million people who make their living that way are going to have to be now on payroll. Such a law is already in effect in California and has totally deformed the economy of that state."
Barack Obama was a communist through-and-through and yet he lied and pretended to be for America. It was a big lie. This is why every action Obama took led to the destruction of America. Obama then set up and spied on the Trump team before the 2016 election and set him up every day of his Presidency. Then his greatest crime was being behind the 2020 election steal.

Now Obama/Biden are right where they left off, changing the US into a communist hell-hole.

Eyes open. The lies are in the works. America will not be the good Christian country it has been for centuries when Obama/Biden are done. These are devastating times.
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