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Hidden between tens of thousands of emails, IMs, documents, videos, sound recordings, and encrypted files is a collection of communications between Hunter Biden and one JiaQi.

JiaQi, AKA JaiQi Bao, AKA Jiaqi Wang, AKA Jiaqi Wang Bao, AKA Wang Bao Jiaqi, AKA Qinping Bao, AKA TianTian Bo, was Ye Jianming's US based assistant/advisor. If you don't recall the cast of characters in this Chinese finger puzzle, Ye Jianming, was the chairman of the China Huaxin energy conglomerate and Hunter's and Jim Biden's business partner.

Ye Jianming and his US based staff worked closely with Chinese intelligence which controlled large parts of the strategy, funding, and overseas operations of CEFC and another of the Biden's Chinese joint ventures named Bohai Harvest RST (BHR).

JaiQi Bao profile:

Image 1: The profile of JaiQi Bao. "All I wanted to tell you (Hunter) is that if there is anything I can do to be helpful to you, please just let me know. More than happy to help as a friend going forward." [larger image]
ccp opposition research trump Jia Qi Bao
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Following traditional honeypot tactics, JiaQi was used to sweeten Hunter's already saccharin-laced business engagement with CEFC. She kept an eye on Hunter from her base in NYC and acted as a cutout between the overseas Chinese officials and the Bidens. In one alluring communication JiaQi wrote
: "...regarding the delivery of your doggie chain and holiday/birthday package. I safe kept your belonging for you as promised. I don't think it is appropriate to drop off to a third party given the risk of miscommunication as happened in the past. How about I will either deliver it to you in person at your convenience or FedEx to a designated address where you can receive it directly?"
In another November 2017 letter, she was urgently communicating the concerns and puzzlement of the Chinese authorities back home about the Biden's lack of action in the matter of Patrick Ho.
Patrick ho hunter biden china connections

Patrick Ho Chi-Ping in action
Image 2: A note about Patrick Ho, looking for further lessons in conspiracy and Hunter's lost "doggie chain". The "doggie chain" JiaQi is referring to were Hunter's dog tags which he left behind after one of his "enchanted" visits.
JiaQi hunter biden honey pot china

Note from JaiQi Bao to Hunter Biden
Image 3: Hunter and his "doggie chain" hard at work before it went missing and JiaQi's handler
hunter Biden JiaQi Bao china honey pot

Hunter Biden
In this context, it is noteworthy that several communications sent to Hunter by Jiaqi Bao include Chinese opposition research materials targeting President Trump and specific strategic and tactical advice on how to defeat President Trump in the 2020 elections. As unfathomable as this is, what we have here is a textbook example of complete compromise: Chinese intelligence is controlling a would-be US president through financial incentives, bribes, and honey-potting his son and this has been going on for over three years yet not a peep from the DOJ or the IC. Where are all of the patriotic intelligence community leakers?

Image 4: Thinking of you, Uncle Jim and uncle Joe.. On March 2019, JiaQi, who is fronting Chinese intelligence wrote to Hunter: "Trump is not focusing on the right issue and not using the right approach. His inefficient and ineffective way of doing thing can lead this county onto the wrong path."
hunter biden jaiqi bao china honey pot

Document 1
: Focus on priority - A letter outlining the Chinese strategy for Joe Biden's 2020 election victory. JaiQai writes: "Trump advocate's stupid book with exaggeration and fabrication on your business connection with Chinese..." [see full pdf]
Hunter biden china honeypot
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Document 2: Uncle Joe 2020 - A letter outlining the Chinese action items for the Biden campaign. One entry states: "Trump, despite of his age, still acts like a kid and he is so "blind" (arrogant + ignorant). Shut down the government for his border wall is merely one example of his backward thinking and immaturity. Constructing a border wall is worse than throwing money down the drain." [see full pdf]

hunter biden china honey pot
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Document 3: The 2019 BHR business plan and worldwide investment strategy. Note the focus on AI, defense, surveillance, and chip manufacturing technologies [see full pdf]
bohai harvest hunter biden china ties board meeting notes
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Document 4: An insight into the US technology investment strategy of the Chinese intelligence [see full pdf]
bohai xr vision hunter biden china ties
These and some of the other documents strongly suggest that the Chinese government was engaging in full-blown influence and hands-on election interference on US soil via front companies like CEFC, HBR, and others, and that Hunter, Jim, and Joe Biden were actively colluding in these operations.

America, meet your royal family and new king. May G-d help us all.

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