farmer protest amsterdam
© Phil nijhuis / ANP / AFPThe farmers action group 'Farmers Defense Force' (FDF) protesting on Tuesday.
At least two people have been arrested during a major motorized protest by Dutch farmers in The Hague against the government's policies to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions as part of its climate-change initiatives.

Hundreds of tractors, trucks and support vehicles from the Farmers Defence Force descended on the administrative capital on Tuesday, clogging the city's roads and bringing traffic to a near standstill.

Police and city authorities banned the farmers from driving past King Willem-Alexander's palace at the edge of the city but confirmed that at least two people have been arrested as multiple breaches of the agreement have been reported throughout the city.

Sieta van Keimpema, a representative for the farmers, claimed the coronavirus crisis had impeded the agricultural sector from having its collective concerns heard by the government. "The whole democratic decision-forming is being frustrated," she said.