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Outspoken broadcaster Piers Morgan has risked invoking the wrath of woke warriors everywhere by blasting the policy of transgender women being allowed to play women's rugby, arguing that its biologically unfair.

Morgan waded into the poisonous transgender debate in response to news that World Rugby has decided to ban transgender women - who are biologically male, but identify as women - from competing in the women's game. The sport's international governing body announced its decision in new guidelines this week, citing scientific evidence.

The Good Morning Britain presenter questioned why the matter was even up for discussion. "It's so obviously wrong, unfair, unequal & dangerous to women born to smaller, less powerful female biological bodies," he said. "We all know this. Women will get seriously hurt if this insanity prevails."

Morgan's views on the matter are not shared by the Rugby Football Union, which oversees rugby in England. The RFU announced that it does not plan to adopt World Rugby's guidelines and it will continue to allow transgender women to play at all levels of women's rugby below international level.

Indeed, World Rugby's decision puts it at odds with many prominent sporting bodies. The International Olympic Committee has allowed trans women to compete in women's events for more than 15 years. It even relaxed the criteria in 2015 by removing the requirement for genital surgery and replacing it with a declaration of good faith.

Despite this, many on Twitter agreed with Morgan's views on the matter, noting that growing up male bestows massive advantages when playing rugby and allowing transgender women to compete in the women's game raises significant safety concerns.