new yor times fact check biden debate
© REUTERS/Carlo Allegri, inset: Twitter
The New York Times has upset its subscribers by fact-checking Joe Biden.
The New York Times is under fire from its own readership after sharing a tweet to promote its fact-check coverage of Tuesday night's presidential debate that was unfavourable to Joe Biden.

The tweet contains a screenshot of its fact-checking coverage, which includes a debunked quote from Joe Biden. "We left him a booming economy. And he caused the recession."

The so-called paper of record unceremoniously analysed this claim under the title, "This is false," much to the chagrin of its loyal readers.

The screen-grabbed fact check goes on to detail how the economy was not "booming" during the final year of the Obama administration, on Biden's watch as vice president.

The Gray Lady even went so far as to defend Trump, saying he did not "cause" the pandemic recession.

The New York Times faithful were aghast and left mouths agape as they declared they would be canceling their subscriptions for this egregious "enabling of Trump's fascism."

The overwrought outcry was met with glee on the other side of the political spectrum with many reveling in the hand-wringing. Prominent right-wing commentator Ian Miles Cheong drew his followers' attention to the "conniptions" in the replies to the tweet, while self-styled 'Trumpublican' Melissa Tate asked if there had been a "glitch" at the Times.

"They are actually telling the truth which means the left is having a meltdown. Taking a screenshot because the mob will force the NYTimes to delete the truth & like the lap dogs they are, they will do just that," Tate tweeted.

Some did, however, call for calm and at least some semblance of objectivity, though judging by the majority of the comments from outraged (former) subscribers, their pleas fell on deaf ears.