Benjamin Netanyahu
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Israel is poised to enter another nationwide lockdown that would shutter schools, restaurants, markets, and more for two weeks, making it the first developed nation to shut down for a second time.

Cabinet ministers approved the second lockdown late Thursday, and it will be up for final approval Sunday with a full Cabinet vote. It would last for two full weeks, followed by two more weeks of stringent economic and social restrictions starting Sept. 18, Bloomberg reported Friday.

Israel successfully got the coronavirus under control in the spring and lifted the national lockdown in May.

Comment: Even psychopathic former defense minster and party leader Avigdor Liberman thinks its a bad idea:

Curfew imposed on 40 towns in Israel, former defense minister urges public to DEFY orders

Since late May, the number of cases has surged to more than 145,000 from about 17,000, while deaths have quadrupled to more than 1,000.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Cabinet first tried to institute localized lockdowns focused on those with the most dramatic case spikes on Sept. 6 but backed down when several ultra-Orthodox lawmakers threatened to leave Netanyahu's government coalition if the lockdowns were imposed, saying they would have affected four predominantly ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities with the start of Rosh Hashana just a week away.