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A plan is underway to install Nancy Pelosi as president. It is not the only plan, but this plan will be worked towards its logical conclusion, whether or not its utility concludes prior to the election itself, now less than 90 days away.

A series of explosions rocked a number of countries, the most significant being Lebanon. In Trump's televised address in New Jersey in the first week of August, he explained that he would be laying low. Prior to that, in describing storm Isaiah, Trump gave a signal to his base, that the 'storm' was now at his back.

On July 21st Nancy Pelosi appears to have explained a large part of the game plan, to MSNBC.
"Well, that's a loaded question there about coronavirus, what we do about it. But the fact is, whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving. Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn't mean we won't have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly-elected President of the United States and the - I just - you know, I'm second in line to the Presidency. Just last week I had my regular continuation of government briefing. This might interest you because I say to them, 'This is never going to happen. God-willing it never will.' But there is a process. It has nothing to do with the certain occupant of the White House doesn't feel like moving and has to be fumigated out of there because the presidency is the presidency. It's not geography or location."

A General Outline:
  1. 'Problems' with the process and final count in the 2020 presidential election will render no clear winner
  2. A legal battle will ensue, as both Trump and Biden will maintain they have won
  3. Congress will move to execute constitutional provision to choose president - Pelosi
  4. Trump will physically occupy the White House while Pelosi Seeks Inauguration
  5. More violence and destabilization if Pelosi plan works
Trump's Projected Victory Means the Deep State Moves for Election Spoilage

The deep state's plan has worked through contingency plans to oust Trump. This is because a clean election has him 91% likely to win according to the only tested reliable method of evaluating the past century of presidential elections, the Norpoth/Primary Model. That same model had Trump 87% likely to win in 2016, despite push-polls and various other erroneous (but convenient for the DNC) models showing Clinton the likely winner. It is the gold standard. Other models either do not consider all the variables, or have weighted those variables incorrectly, and the Primary Model takes account for voter motivation.

Pelosi - Fauci - Gates

Pelosi and congressional Dems in concert with Fauci and Gates have made - between the forced lockdowns, explosive unemployment, and business closures - the very same mess that they will say is 'Trump's Economy'. Dems push divisiveness - blaming other Americans and Trump, while Trump unites all Americans using the xenophobic trope of Red China. On a deeper level, Trump blames Fauci and Gates, and was upset that Event 201 became a live exercise without telling the White House. 'They should have told us', he lamented, as Pompeo let the truth slip that 'this is a live exercise'.

Comment: Flores is off the mark here. Trump's comment was more likely in reference to China's not being forthcoming enough about the scale of the original outbreak in Wuhan.

All the while Pelosi simultaneously pushes back against Trump's moves to end lockdown and re-open the economy.

Animated Trump voters - whose excitement is enough to sway undecided neighbors and friends - are not fooled by this. They are 'inoculated' against this plan and they understand that, whatever his motives, Trump needs to improve the situation as much as possible to get re-elected. And because of the executive order, he will.

Trump's political counter-moves are sure to shore up enough support in swing-states where he might have been flagging. We have seen this already, and will see more of it.

We must take this revealed development from Pelosi alongside this writer's information directly from Service Employees International Union (SEIU) staffers themselves, who have explained what was said on the condition of anonymity as they are still in the employ of that organization. For it is these who are the driving force behind the 'Our Revolution/Working Families Party' organization - the wing of the Bernie (for Biden) campaign that also embeds with street activists as a 'community organizing model' outfit, and forms the organizational bridge between BLM and ANTIFA on the one hand, and the Biden campaign on the other. In standard SEIU form, the paid staffers coordinate with a network of NGOs backed by charitable trusts and that percent of COPA/COPE (Committee on Political Action/Education) funds from union members themselves that can be used for (in)direct political campaigns.

Some months ago, the SEIU staffers from the management echelon of the inner-party went on a retreat, as is their custom when it's time to get their story straight. This involved political directors at the locals as well as high-paid managers at the 'International'. This is often a camping trip or some similar outing over the course of three or four days, that includes the sort of outdoor 'trust building' exercises also used in corporate management.
working families political group bernie sanders
'Our Revolution/Working Families Party' organization is supported by the SEIU
Inside baseball and long-game strategy was discussed, and more to the point, how this can be sold back to the outer-party staffers of SEIU (who in turn must sell this to the rank and file members). Leading this exercise was SEIU's Rafael Navar (furthest on our left, see photo above), who this writer worked with in SEIU at Local 99 in Los Angeles a decade ago. The issue in question as it pertains to our understanding, was that the DNC convention has been effectively brokered, and Bernie's delegates were hand-picked by SEIU so as to avoid the grassroots embarrassment dealt to Clinton by Bernie supporters against Bernie's wishes during the 2016 DNC convention. But what came out of this retreat is of particular interest.

Contrary to how conservative pundits misunderstand the dynamic, the DNC leadership and its SEIU inner-party functionaries are functionally pro-establishment and anti-socialist, who see themselves as anti-establishment socialists.

The outer-party are 'true believers' at war with the inner-party, seeing through their lies on the one hand, are fooled into believing that a socialist angle can be teased out of the corporatist DNC agenda nonetheless. The outer-party therefore hates Biden, and was keen on a Sanders campaign and presidency. The 'socialism' that conservative Americans oppose is better understood as 'corporatism' .

A big crisis that SEIU is aware of, is that Biden is unelectable and cannot win. They do not believe the fake news polls showing Biden leading or even close, because their trained senses and experience in the field, which is loaded with empirical evidence that leaves little room for interpretation, indicates that Trump will win by a landslide. The outer-party knows only a Sanders campaign could have motivated a Democrat victory in November - if we take a clean election for granted. Bear in mind that 40-45% of Americans see themselves as socialists according to several solid polls.

Coming back from this retreat, inner-party middle manager Rafael Navar communicated to recalcitrant outer-party leaders that the rumors to silence Sander's real support at the convention was a 'conspiracy theory', and more that all their concerns should be put to rest. Why?

Because Biden will declare victory regardless of the outcome

It corroborates Pelosi's interview which reveals that that the DNC plans to hold a parallel presidential inauguration - not for Joe Biden, but for herself - as "2nd in line". By not conceding, a door is opened for Pelosi's move. Pelosi explains that even if Trump does not vacate the White House - that is, even if he maintains that he is the president after the election as a legal contest ensues - that the presidency is an institution and not a geographic location.

Fascinating here is that Pelosi reveals the mechanism that would be used: constitutional provisions for the continuation of government, and NSDP 51 signed to act towards the continuation of constitutional government. In the live TV interview, she bragged that she is prepared to assume the presidency if Trump does not concede, and has regularly been briefed on COG (continuation of government) provisions. Simultaneously, BLM/Antifa has called for a protest on September 17th to 'lay siege' to the White House. If this goes forward, we should expect the 'occupy' tactic of the Color/Spring technology.

Why the revelation?

It is perhaps beside the point to dissect whether she was inebriated or if we can chalk this one to over-confidence, or something else. At this point, all of their communications are monitored, and they are under investigation for both related and unrelated matters. The justice department has substantive predicate for an investigation of all their comms because of Obamagate. Information on this plan if kept a secret would be revealed anyhow because of the fact that they are under investigation. AG Barr would rely upon parallel construction to make that evidence usable if it could not be tied to the initial FISA warrant. Therefore it is probable that they will have two separate (parallel) evidentiary lines to arrive at the same outcome.

To be secretive about this plan may lend it the appearance or even facticity of illegality, or add a layer of illegality (conspiracy) which they would maintain anyhow is not the case. Speaking openly about this plan on live television, even if most were not entirely paying attention, may indeed be a legal requirement. The warning has been given. So we proceed.

'No one Qualified, No one Chosen': An inconclusive election to appoint Nancy Pelosi as President

Between contact tracers and other paid 'volunteers' working this project within the context of the non-profit industrial complex, an over-burdened postal office using old equipment, and outright violence and disruptions at polling locations, we will have an inconclusive election.

The underlying problem will be the mailed-out ballots combined with Antifa (posing as/alongside BLM) violence. Test cases used already in New York, as Trump has explained in his press briefings, have only on August 5th some six weeks already after the election, declared a winner. Trump has also said that they are suing Nevada over similar. In a number of imaginable scenarios, this already compromised and marred election could be determined in the final instance on the outcome of a state like Nevada.

An inconclusive election without a qualified/chosen elected president, requires a process, and neither Trump nor Biden can be declared the winner or be inaugurated.

Constitutional provisions on the continuation of government then require a vote in the House of Representatives to elect a president, and for the Senate to elect the vice president. This is pursuant to Article XX of the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1933, in language generally explained in Sections III and IV.

Masks, Goggles, Gloves - Pandemic Preparedness or Antifa Uniform?

Barr's federal police force have captured a number of Antifa terrorists caught setting fires to federal property during the opposition planned riots, and they were able to use face recognition technology that only requires eyes to positively ID. Fauci is now talking goggles, and face recognition doesn't deal well with covered eyes. Media has already 'lauded' the violent manifestations because the 'protestors' wore masks. Now the media will note how responsible disruptors of the elections were, because they also wore goggles, following Fauci's recommendations. DNC-Antifa believes this will allow their high profile members to avoid arrest through face recognition. Goggles also protect from tear gas. It may also be why the push for cell-phone contact tracing apps has suddenly been quieted, as the contingency has changed/adapted to the evolving situation. Contact tracing apps can be used by law enforcement to identify terrorism at polling locations, or attacks on mass ballot collection 'efforts' that are part of the mass ballot mail-outs. Those following recent Congressional hearings know that Google was just cross-examined on their reluctance to work with law enforcement to hand over GPS information on suspected perps.

Trump is Actively Working Against The Coup Plot

Showing the problematic result of the test of mailed out ballots in New York, legally challenging Nevada's push to do the same (outcome of which would also effect all other states), pushing to expose Antifa violence and plan to work with contact tracers and similar NGO-sphere employees to 'stuff ballot boxes', AG Barr to release Obamagate findings before the election, and managing the messaging and promoting sensible cures for the plandemic, are part of Trump's moves against this.

Trump's ability to effectively politicize a sector of his base around the Epstein/Maxwell revelations will bring back the excitement generated by the phenomenon named after the famous Italian fast food, and the FBI's announcement of investigating Clinton over Weiner's laptop. If this happens within a week or so of the election, it's possible that Trump will win 45 states without a further contest over a lesser victory, because of the recency effect in psychology.

These all seem like a lot of different variables to factor. While people talk about strategies, and broad and sweeping generalizations can be communicated conversationally - contemporary strategic planning requires help. We are talking about thousands of plans within thousands of plans, multivariate analysis, and the use of super computers using complex Bayesian statistical models on probabilistic outcomes. Because there are a finite number of possibilities, and Trump has made it to election 2020 so-far, it is likely that Trump already believes he has won. Laplace's Demon is Trump's Guardian Angel.