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Paul Krugman
New York Times columnist Paul Krugman was slammed on social media over a tweet mocking Florida senior citizens who are vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Several states are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases, including Florida. A report from Bloomberg News noted that a "record number" of Floridians ages 75 and older are testing positive for the virus at a more rapid rate than in past weeks.

The economist, however, appeared gleeful by the life-threatening news.

"Reality is coming for white supremacists driving golf carts," the 67-year-old columnist tweeted while sharing the article.

The jab against Florida's seniors may have been referring to the controversial video President Trump shared on Twitter on Sunday showing one of his supporters in a parade of golf carts shouting "White power" in response to anti-Trump protesters during a recent clash in The Villages. Trump took down the tweet after swift condemnation with the White House stating that the president didn't hear the remark.

Krugman's tweet sparked fierce criticism.

"What a shameful thing to say," Washington Examiner contributor Brad Polumbo reacted.

"How long until there's an actual terrorist attack based off of all this unhinged/dehumanizing rhetoric that has flooded media?" writer Zaid Jilani asked.

"What a sick remark. Once upon a time, I was a fan of yours. Or is this a parody account?" economist Geert Noels wrote.

Several others, including The Intercept editor Glenn Greenwald, called Krugman "sociopathic" for writing such a tweet.