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Al Gore and Michael Bloomberg listen as movie director Rob Reiner speaks at a news conference in New York
Misery director and All in the Family star Rob Reiner took his Trump criticism to a new level in a tweet claiming the president wants to kill American citizens before the presidential election in November.

Celebrities blasting Donald Trump is a fairly regular thing, but accusing the man of planning mass murder is something new - and a tactic apparently endorsed by Reiner.

"Trump's 2020 election platform: Kill as many Americans as possible," the Princess Bride director tweeted on Friday to his one million followers.
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Although he has not clarified how Trump wants to murder the people he technically needs to vote for him, Reiner has been vocal in recent days about the president's handling of the coronavirus. The filmmaker claims Trump has committed "negligent homicide" by not putting federal lockdown orders into place.

While states like Florida and Texas have seen spikes in coronavirus cases following their first phases of reopening after lockdown, actual deaths from Covid-19 have been trending downward - despite Reiner's tweets - something the president highlighted this week on Twitter.

As Reiner's directing career has waned in popularity in recent years - his last box office hit was 2007's The Bucket List - he has become more and more politically involved. The filmmaker is a regular critic of the president via Twitter, and he has been fundraising for Joe Biden, raising more than $700,000 for the candidate at a Hollywood fundraiser in May.

According to Reiner, Biden will "restore our souls and standing as leader of the free world."