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America's most pressing matter!
The US Federal Reserve's balance sheet could skyrocket to more than $9 trillion by the end of this year, amid massive interventions to shield the economy from the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Financial Times.

RT's Keiser Report looks at the chart, showing that in 2007 there was "barely anything" on the Fed's balance sheet. "The crisis hit in 2008 and you see the injustice of bankers getting bailed out when the rest of the economy was getting nothing," says Stacy Herbert.

Max Keiser says: "We know almost without doubt that it is going to over $20 trillion, it is going to go to $23-25 trillion and higher. We know that right now, that's not even up for debate."

He explains that "in 2008 the economy died and the only thing left was to print money to support the centillionaire class, and the only play left is to buy their stocks for them. That's it, that's all we got left."