world closed coronavirus lockdown
A group of 40 Belgian citizens filed the first lawsuit in the kingdom against the state, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and personally the head of the department, Peter De Crema, for restricting personal freedoms and rights during quarantine justified by the Coronavirus pandemic, the RTBF television channel reported on May 24th.

According to activists, the country's authorities "copied the measures taken by China without taking into account European human rights standards." The lockdown provisions have provoked the ire of whole layers of society.

According to the plaintiff's lawyer, "Communist quarantine is unacceptable in Belgium, it was necessary to analyze these measures from a human rights perspective."

At the same time, the channel does not explain why De Crem is the main defendant, although restrictive measures were introduced by the decision of the Belgian National Security Council.

The Belgian Ministry of Internal Affairs said it did not know anything about this lawsuit, but recognized the right of citizens to defend their rights in court.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, since the beginning of the pandemic in Belgium, the number of cases of coronavirus infection amounted to 57,092, of which 9,280 people died. However, questions remain over the methods used to arrive at this figure.

The country's population is 11.5 million people, tests for coronavirus are conducted only among those infected with acute symptoms of the disease.

Quarantine in Belgium was introduced on March 14, and on May 4, a phased lifting of restrictive measures began, which could last until the end of summer.