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Take back the power! Smash the man! Get off your knees! Easy-peasy!
On 6th April, London Real broadcast an interview with 'conspiracy researcher' David Icke. In it he claimed that Covid-19 was "a hoax" and that 5G was designed for a "mass cull". YouTube took it down.

In the wake of this the owner of London Real, Brian Rose launched a crowdfunding campaign for what he called the "Digital Freedom Platform". This has raced to nearly $1m in just over a week.

However, lots of the claims about the platform don't appear to add up. This is an investigation into the platform, the wider issue of free speech and the censorship of the big tech platforms.

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Comment: Rebel Wisdom published an update today, May 5th:

The livestream of David Icke on the London Real platform happened on Sunday 3rd. This is an update on what happened before and after the livestream, focusing on Brian Rose of London Real, and the bigger issues that it brings up.

References in this film include: