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With every tragedy that befalls mankind few political leaders can resist the temptation to enhance the powers of the security state while attacking civil liberties. The response to the coronavirus pandemic has proven to be no exception.

Many people are asking, as the Covid lockdown keeps many businesses shuttered: will the economy ever be the same again? No small consideration considering the arbitrary nature of the lockdown, which seems to focus its wrath on small businesses while allowing the major corporations to survive. But there are other serious considerations, like how the media and politicians will hide behind political correctness and virtue signaling to conceal their ulterior motives.

One story that nicely encapsulates that agenda is by the BBC, which carried the totally objective headline: 'Coronavirus: Arrests over 'disgusting' racist Covid-19 stickers.' It is a very simple story that speaks volumes about where we are heading as a civilization. Plot spoiler: to hell in a handbag.

The brief article tells the story of two young men, identities unknown, who were arrested for applying stickers in public places. But not just any old stickers. These ones carried the phrases, 'Open border, virus disorder,' and 'Pubs closed, borders open.' The accused, however, said to be connected to a "far-right" group, were not charged with the relatively minor offense of defacing public property, but rather on "suspicion of racially aggravated public order offences," whatever those may happen to be.

The message is clear: any suggestion that open borders may not be the best idea, even at the peak of a global pandemic, is the wild ranting of a foaming-at-the-mouth xenophobe, as opposed to maybe just a germophobe, and should be immediately vilified and rejected out of hand. In other words, yet more identity politics, enshrined in Cultural Marxist ideology, sets the agenda.

Indeed, the severe brevity of the article made it look more like a cheap communist propaganda poster than any work of journalism. The reader is treated to a quote from one Alex Gwynne, who seems to be resident, but that is never disclosed: "Using this pandemic to spread racism and hatred is unacceptable." Thank you, Alex.

Next up is Ben Miskell, a local councilor, who is quoted as saying: "These sorts of things are meant to just divide us ... and capitalise on something awful that is happening in Britain for some really sinister aim."

Like perhaps containing the spread of a pandemic that has forced the lockdown of businesses and communities around the world? As to be expected, the article never once attempted to provide some insight into the deep fear and frustration that is gnawing away at so many people in Britain, and elsewhere, as families fear for an uncertain future. While the media obsesses over the coronavirus, the British are forced to watch as thousands of new arrivals enter their country each month. Yet not a peep from the media as to the logic behind such programs amid a pandemic. It is those sorts of deceitful liberal tactics, which discard real concerns over open borders as racist and chauvinistic that will help bring the lockdown pot to a boil.

Meanwhile, with borders in the Western becoming practically a synonym for racism, the authorities have taken to the skies to make sure the local herd is complying with social-distancing measures. And reportedly with the assistance of China. All in the name of "protecting lives," of course.

Chinese company Da Jiang Innovations, the world's largest drone manufacturer, has donated their aerial vehicles to law enforcement agencies in 22 U.S. states in their effort to regulate social distancing rules. Yet, in 2017, the Department of Homeland Security warned that DJI was "selectively targeting government and privately owned expand its ability to collect and exploit sensitive U.S. data." This led to the Department of the Interior grounding its fleet of some 800 DJI drones over security fears. Yet when it comes to monitoring Americans, in both public and private settings, not even the sky is the limit.

"If these drones save one life, it is clearly worth the activity and the information that the drones are sending," Chris Bollwage, mayor of Elizabeth, N.J. told MSNBC.

Perhaps the operators of those drones have a working relationship with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who revealed his true colors when he told New Yorkers to squeal on family and friends who break the social-distancing order.

"Sending that photo in is going to help make sure that people are kept apart, and that's going to stop the disease from spreading. And that's going to save lives," he said.

As proof that humanity has not gone completely to the dogs, the special hotline to accept the photographs was flooded with derogatory pictures and Hitler memes, most of which are too indecent to show, here.

Even political protests are no longer happening in a 'civilized' manner, at least in Israel, where a demonstration against Benjamin Netanyahu saw participants respecting the 2-meters-apart rule, which made the 'protest' resemble some sort of open-air modern art exhibit as opposed to a challenge to the powers-that-be. By necessity, a protest demands that the participants act as a single united force, a throng, if you will.

Want to say a prayer in a house of worship asking the Almighty to see you through this miserable storm, which appears to have only just begun? Well, that too will prove problematic since in many U.S. states worshipers are no longer permitted to congregate under a single roof, which is strange because liquor stores, gun shops and abortion clinics, not to mention all of the major grocery stores are doing a thriving business despite the inherent risks.

What is happening is obvious. Leaders, either by design or otherwise, are taking advantage of the current emergency to ram through draconian measures in the name of "protecting the people." In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. And with the Western world already softened up with years of political correctness, virtue signaling and the tyrannical nanny state, virile 'toxic masculinity' has gone missing in action when it is needed the most. The coronavirus is not the disease that is killing Western civilization; social-distancing and lockdown measures should have been enforced many decades ago when the Cultural Marxists from the Frankfurt School first set foot ashore. That was the moment Western society, set upon itself by a number of divisive and destructive movements, began to crumble to the point when the next flu season may very well consign it to the ash heap of history.