Ebony Bowden
© Twitter / @WhiteHouse
A journalist for the New York Post has invoked the ire of Twitter after video footage went viral, in which she appears to mock an Indian reporter addressing US President Donald Trump at a formal event.

Journalist Ebony Bowden pulled faces, furrowed her brow in disbelief and rolled her eyes, before asking a colleague "Who is this guy?" during a press briefing at the White House earlier this week.

"This guy" was none other than Raghubir Goyal, editor of the India Globe and a White House reporter since the Carter administration. Goyal had asked Trump about India-US relations following his first visit to the country, but Bowden's playacting in the background of the feed is what grabbed many people's attention, leading some to claim she had "not a drop of self awareness."

One tweet of the interaction alone has accrued over 2.8 million views, with thousands of retweets, likes and of course, furious comments.

"'Racism for thee, not for me.'--MSM,"wrote one clearly irked commenter.

"Someone who has been told for most of her life that she is right so she knows no better," added another.

"One reason why our country falling apart at the seams. Smug, arrogant, self-entitled half-wits have gotten jobs from friends or they share same outlook, attitude as those at the top,"wrote one user, echoing the outrage at the journalist.

Some argued that it was just the man's thick accent that Bowden was having difficulty understanding, not any racism. Nobody bought this defense, however.

"She can't understand him, she's not making fun of him," one Twitter user offered as a defense on her behalf, before being unceremoniously slapped down.

"Right. whenever I'm having trouble understanding someone I always laugh uproariously and make faces."

A man claiming to be her "close mate and a friend" also got severely ratioed on Twitter for attempting to white knight for her.

To add insult to injury, some pointed out that the reporter in question herself penned an article on casual racism, asking readers, "Are you a casual racist?"