Three brazen thugs have been filmed ripping electrical gadgets from their displays at a Currys PC World in Orphington, Greater London, with their faces on full display. Members of staff (far right) can be seen standing close to the group but unable to stop them walking out
This is the shocking moment a group of brazen thugs rip thousands of pounds of electrical equipment from displays at a Currys PC World store.

A member of the public recorded them walking into the Orpington, Greater London, branch on Wednesday and taking tablets, mobile phones and laptops.

The men, who appear to be in their late teens or early 20s, are seen ripping products from the stands, with one shouting he will kill anyone who tries to stop them.

Comment: It's worth noting that he doesn't have an English accent.

During the incident members of staff can be seen standing close to the group but unable to stop them walking out with the gadgets.

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Although stealing thousands of pounds worth of good, the young men do not try and hide their identities.

A bearded man in a light green tracksuit is seen ripping tablets from the stand while carrying a laptop tucked under his arm.

His jacket has a hood but he leaves it down, as does another man wearing a black winter jacket with a fur-trimmed hood.

He is seen carrying a laptop with a wire hanging out of it during the video and walks straight past the person recording.

The two then make their way to another stand full of goods while a Curry's staff member can be seen in the background with his lanyard hanging around his neck.

A third accomplice is then spotted at the end of the video making for the doors with his hood up.

The video was posted to Facebook alongside the caption: 'Orpington Curry's earlier today - so brazen, really upsets me all the aggression and how unsafe we really are from our own kind.

'The guy even threatened to kill someone, no value for life. If anyone knows these people, contact the police.'

Those who saw the footage said they were gobsmacked by it. One wrote 'I can't believe this! It's terrible' while another added: 'Good god. I'd be petrified in there.'

A spokeswoman for Currys PCWorld said: 'We experienced a robbery on Wednesday February 26 at our Orpington Currys PC World store.

'The safety of our colleagues and customers is of paramount importance and we're thankful no-one was injured. The store is open to customers as normal. We're working with police to support their investigations.'

A spokeswoman for the Met Police said: 'Police were called shortly after 10am on Wednesday, 26 February to reports of a theft from commercial premises on Sevenoaks Way in Orpington.

'Officers attended and were informed that three suspects had stolen mobile telephones and electrical equipment. There have been no arrests and enquiries continue.'