Giriraj Singh
Union Minister Giriraj Singh who is known for controversies has said in the recent offing that all Muslims should have been sent to Pakistan in 1947.

While speaking in Purnia, Bihar, Minister for Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries said on Wednesday, "It is the time to commit ourselves to the nation. Before 1947, (Muhammad Ali) Jinnah pushed for an Islamic nation. It was a big lapse by our ancestors that we're paying the price for. If at that time Muslim brothers had been sent there and Hindus brought here, we wouldn't be in this situation," he said.

"If Bharatvanshiyas don't get shelter here where will they go," he said

Singh's comment comes amid nationwide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). CAA provides citizenship to only non-Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who came to India before voiced his strong dislike for Muslims many times and is rarely pulled up by the BJP.

Few days ago, Singh was reportedly summoned by BJP chief JP Nadda over his comment alleging that the Islamic seminary Deoband in Uttar Pradesh is an "aatankvaad ki Gangotri (fountainhead of terrorism)".

Reacting to Giriraj Singh's statement, former JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar said the minister was expending far too much time promoting Pakistan. "He should be made the visa minister and open a travel agency office in Lahore," Kumar said.