torkham border
© Global Look Press via ZUMA Press / Sidique / Xinhua
The Torkham border crossing, one of the principle land connections between Afghanistan and Pakistan, has been shut down for all traffic. It comes after a reported rocket attack from the Afghan side.

The road passing by Torkham leads to the Afghan capital, Kabul through Jalalabad. On the Pakistani side, the crossing is connected to the capital, Islamabad through Peshawar. Torkham was temporarily shut down by the Pakistani authorities on Wednesday, with officials citing security concerns, according to media reports. The closure was said to be prompted by a rocket attack at the checkpoint, which left two Pakistani soldiers injured.

Local Afghan officials cited by media say talks are underway to reopen the crossing.

Since September 2019, the Torkham crossing, which is used by thousands of people daily, has operated around the clock. Previously, it was opened only for 12 hours a day.