ted mccoy tweet jordan peterson
Ted McCoy, a historian of prisons and punishment, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Calgary, has tweeted out that the rumours about him are true: any student who cites Dr. Jordan Peterson in his class will fail. He lists himself as anti-fascist, and his pronouns he/him.

According to the University of Calgary, his areas of interest include, Social Inequality and Social Justice, Criminology and Deviance, Health, Illness and Medicine, Work and Occupations, and First Nations. We assume it's the interest in "Social Justice" that led him to make this censorious claim on Twitter, promising to punish students for citing one of the most renowned scholars in the world.

McCoy has since deleted the tweet, but the internet never forgets. The archived tweet can be found here. Professor McCoy joins a dubious list of social justice professors like Matthew Sears who have contracted what can only be described as PDS: Peterson Derangement Syndrome.

People have lost their collective minds when it comes to Dr. Peterson. Bookstores have banned his books, movie theatres have cancelled screenings of films featuring him, The New York Times blacklisted his bestseller from their list, Universities have deplatformed his speaking engagements. It's all a bit much for a psychologist whose life's work is dedicated to improving people's lives.

Ironically, Professor McCoy teaches a class called "Self-Regulation" which examines how individuals and groups create, maintain, and follow non-legal codes of conduct and, in turn, regulate themselves and society.

Apparently McCoy is too deranged by his jealousy-fuelled fever dreams of Jordan Peterson to apply the lessons of his course to his own online behaviour.