Comment: It's pretty clear what happened at Pensacola Naval Base the other day: a visiting Saudi military officer shot dead two American officers.

What is completely unclear is what the heck US authorities/media are doing with the narrative about it...

pensacola navy base shooting
Following the Pensacola Navy Base shooting having been deemed a terror attack, multiple journalists and media personalities have been suspended from Twitter for reporting details on shooter Mohammed Alshamrami.

Filmmaker Mike Cernovich, The Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo, and Fox host Pete Hegseth are among those who have been suspended from Twitter for utilizing Alshamrami's manifesto or social media excerpts to speculate on his motivation for carrying out the deadly attack.

Both Cernovich and Hegseth were suspended for posting excerpts from Alshamrami's social media, which included disturbing posts indicating the shooting was motivated by anti-American and anti-Israel sentiments.

Andy Ngo was suspended pending he delete a tweet which included a copy of Alshamrami's manifesto, the copy of which was made public by SITE — a non-governmental organization that monitors white supremacist and jihadist terror threats.

andy ngo remove tweet
While Cernovich's account was restored following the removal of the offending tweet, Pete Hegseth and Andy Ngo's accounts remain suspended, appeals unresponded to by Twitter as of yet.

According to the Twitter Terms of Service, promoting or providing media intended to further a terrorist organization's goals is a violation of the platform's policies, leading to an immediate, permanent suspension. However, the terms of service also state that discussion of terrorism for "clearly educational or documentary purposes" does not constitute a violation.

The Post Millennial reached out to Twitter for comment but did not hear back by the time of publication.

UPDATE: A Twitter spokesperson responding to The Post Millennial advised that Cernovich, Ngo, and Hegseth had been suspended for posting the shooter's manifesto. However, neither Cernovich nor Hegseth's tweets included the manifesto. Twitter declined to answer any further questions on the justification for their suspensions.