record cold air in Russia
An intense Arctic outbreak has developed over parts of Russia lately. During the mid/late November temperatures usually already drop below -25 to -30 °C, but NE parts of Russia have now slipped even more - below -50 °C in the last days! Although such temperatures are nothing off the charts in the region, getting below -50 °C at the end of November is rather extreme even there! While it was still 'only' around -35 °C last week!

The pattern supporting such evolution is led by disturbance of the polar circulation, allowing outbreaks of frigid cold airmass to spread south into Russia. As it happened this time, extremely cold airmass spread into parts of north and northeast Russia. Many areas are experiencing below normal temperatures as 850 mbar temperatures are even below -30 °C, supporting daytime maximum values not higher than -25 °C and mornings below -50 °C!

cold map
Today's minimum temperatures across Russia - brutally cold over the NE parts where the classic extremely cold pools usually develop. The station Verhojansk reported -54 °C this morning, Nov 26th.

The cold poor is quite persistent and is ongoing for a few days already. The last 3 days were extreme with several weather stations constantly reporting morning temperatures below -50 °C threshold!

Frigid cold weather will continue this week.

cold records