Iran protests
© Reuters / Hannibal Hanschike
People attend a protest organised by National Council of Resistance of Iran in Germany to support nationwide demonstrations in Iran against the rise in gasoline prices, in Berlin, Germany November 17, 2019
Iran will bring back stable Internet connection as soon as the situation in the country becomes stable, government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Tuesday.

According to Netblocks civil society group, Tehran has recently managed to achieve a nearly complete shutdown of the Internet in Iran.

"Access to the Internet will be restored as soon as we are confident that situation in provinces has stabilized and the Internet will not be abused," Rabiei said, as cited by the IRNA news agency.

According to a Sputnik correspondent in Tehran, problems with connectivity began in the Iranian capital on Saturday. Websites with Iranian domains take a few attempts to load, while the Google and Yandex search engines, as well as sites with the .com domain, and those run by other countries are unavailable.

Access to the Internet had been restricted by order of the country's Supreme National Security Council after mass protests erupted due to an increase in gasoline prices announced by the government on 15 November.