russia space program rockets
© Sputnik / Ramil Sitdikov
Russia's space industry is growing by leaps and bounds
Russia's Roscomos space agency and the Moscow authorities have agreed upon the design of a new national space center. The futuristic-looking project of a giant facility revives the dreams about distant space exploration.

Roscosmos has a truly ambitious space and Moon exploration program, which involves building a permanent base on the Earth's natural satellite making use of the "local resources" and featuring "avatar robots." Now, the space agency is about to get a symbol of its sky-high ambitions - a futuristic headquarters looking like a colossal space station, albeit still on earth - not far from the Russian capital's city center.

new Russia space center artist concept
© Roscosmos
The first concept arts of the future center published by Roscosmos show life-sized models of aircraft ranging from biplanes of the early 20th century to the modern jets and even rockets hanging between the buildings of the future National Space Center and adding to the already futuristic look of the aircraft and space industry-themed complex.
russia new space center
© Roscosmos
Some mammoth rocket hulls appear to be hanging right in the halls of the future center, according to some images. The inner walls of the buildings will be outfitted with special panels emulating starry sky, with all the celestial bodies seen as if from space. The stunning view evokes an impression of the entire complex being a giant space ark somewhere in the deep space rather than earthly facility.

The construction works, which have already started, are expected to be finished by 2024 - right at the time when Russia plans to switch to new heavy rocket type and send its first, albeit unmanned, missions to the Moon.
interior space center Russia artist concept
© Roscosmos
The new center in the western Moscow will be located in an area covering almost seven hectares and will be dominated by a giant 200-meter-high tower resembling a "three-edged rocket pointed skyward," according to the Moscow authorities. The total floor area of the entire complex will occupy impressive 250,000 square meters.

russia space center artist concept
© Roscosmos
The complex will house various departments of Roscosmos, including design and engineering bureaus and prototype production factories as well as a techno park and some aircraft industry facilities. The center will be built on a territory that currently belongs to the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center - a spacecraft manufacturing company producing Proton rockets and developing Russia's newest Angara heavy rocket.

President Vladimir Putin already greenlighted the project worth 25 billion rubles ($ 392 million). "It can be and must be a world-class center," he said in April, adding that the facility could create up to 20,000 new high-tech jobs.