© AP/Hadi Mizban
Anti-government protesters take over a vehicle before they burn it during a demonstration in Baghdad.
At least 15 people were killed in Baghdad following clashes between Iraqi security forces and anti-government protesters as police continue to exert violence in ongoing rallies in the city, the Shafaq news agency reported on Monday, citing health officials.

According to the health sources, as cited by Shafaq, renewed clashes took place in the Sadr City suburb. Police used tear gas and bullets against the protesters.

On Sunday, the Waid news agency reported that clashes in Iraq's capital had renewed during the night, with the Iraqi Interior Ministry putting the overall death toll at 104 since the protests broke out last week.

On Saturday, Mustafa Saadun, the head of the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, announced that about 450 people had been detained during the ongoing protests, with half of them being released.

Sunday marked the sixth straight day of anti-government demonstrations that began last Tuesday in protest against poor public services, high unemployment and rampant corruption. The protesters are calling on the government to be dismissed. In turn, authorities have blocked internet access across Baghdad and several regions in central and southern Iraq.