Reham Khan
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Reham Khan
Reham Khan, the former ex-wife of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, says there was a 'deal' on Kashmir.

In a video message posted on her YouTube channel 'Reham Khan Official', she talks about various issues including Kashmir.

"I would say that Kashmir has been sold off. We were taught from the beginning that 'Kashmir Banega Pakistan'," she said in the interview.

Comment: That's Hindi for "Kashmir will become Pakistan."

According to Reham, the day (August 5) the Kashmir announcement was made, one of her team members called her up to say, "Ma'am, what you said is coming true". "I told him please pray that it does not come true," she said.

"What did I tell you in August last year, what the deal would be on Kashmir?"

"Modi did what he had to do; he did what he had come with a mandate to do, to revoke Article 370."

"But your PM Imran Khan, the day he was to give a policy statement (on Kashmir), he got up to say, 'I knew he (Modi) was going to do this'; we also knew he (Modi) was going to do this. Imran said, 'I knew this when I met him in Bishkek and he was rude to me', I knew this when Pulwama happened'.

"When you knew this was going to happen, then why did you extend the hand of friendship (to Modi)?"

To watch the video click here (Pakistani)