bernie sanders
© REUTERS/Randall Hill
Former assistant US attorney Mimi Rocah claimed that Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders "makes [her] skin crawl" and suggested he's not a "pro-woman candidate" while appearing on MSNBC.

Rocah was part of a panel previewing the upcoming second round of Democratic debates on MSNBC's Up with David Gura. During a discussion about a likely face-off between Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Rocah made her rather caustic comments.

"[A]s a woman, probably considered a somewhat moderate Democrat, I... Bernie Sanders makes my skin crawl. And I can't even identify for you what exactly it is. But I see him as sort of a not pro-woman candidate," Rocah said, adding that she hopes the juxtaposition of Sanders and Warren appearing against each other in the debates will win more voters over to her side.

As expected, such a scathing commentary on a beloved Democratic presidential hopeful, who many feel was robbed by the DNC in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton, left many online incensed.

Some questioned Rocah's own credentials while others criticized fellow panelist Zerlina Maxwell for her apparent tacit endorsement of the inflammatory takedown of Sanders.

Indeed, so incendiary were Rocah's comments that some suggested she made her Twitter profile private to stave off an impending dogpile of pro-Sanders Twitterati.

Meanwhile, MSNBC was blasted for "biased panels and cowardly/lazy/bias hosts."