tulsi gabbard fake zit
The team over at NBC appears to have taken their 'Mean Girls' style disdain for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard to new levels — by adding a fake blemish to her face on live television.

The disappearing pimple was first reported on by TMZ, and Rep. Gabbard's press assistant tweeted a video and thank you note to them for covering it.

"The Congresswoman from Hawaii was talking foreign policy during the debate — specifically the possibility of America going to war with Iran. Important stuff, no doubt. However, as Gabbard spoke many viewers focused on her chin and what appeared to be a tiny zit — nothing that would require Dr. Pimple Popper or anything, but still ... it was there," TMZ reported. "Then it happened. Seriously, if you haven't seen it ... YOU MUST. Within a matter of seconds the blemish simply vanished ... AS Tulsi was talking!!! Remember, this is on a close-up camera, ON live television."

"Thank you @TMZ for letting @TulsiGabbard's know @NBCNews was being dishonest by adding a fake blemish to her face. It didn't matter either because people love her message #NoMoreWars and we aren't superficial," Gabbard's press assistant Cullen Tiernan tweeted along with a video of the disappearing blemish.

There is no blemish on her chin visible in any photos from the debate.

Despite their cheap, and arguably sexist, tricks, Rep. Gabbard and her anti-war message won the Drudge Debate winner poll by a mile and was the most Google searched candidate in the nation.