These snowy scenes may be difficult to digest, especially since it's the first day of SUMMER!

We're thinking Mother Nature may have our seasons confused as parts of western Canada face a HEAVY swath of snow right on the first day of summer.

Instead of abundant sunshine and pleasant temperatures more reminiscent of the favoured season, snowfall warnings have stretched across the higher elevations of the Rockies and into parts of the B.C. Interior this week. That's as an extremely slow and moisture-packed system dumps heavy, flooding rains on other parts of the Prairies.

While this early summer snow isn't completely unheard of for the region, more than 20 cm this late in June seems to be pretty excessive even by the heartiest of standards. Up to 25 cm had already fallen over higher terrain near Banff and Jasper by early Friday morning with another 10 cm expected before all's said and done for the Icefield Parkway Highway 93.