It appears that every sentient creature experiences pain in one form or another, serving as it does to provide an immediate signal to potentially life-threatening events. As humans we may experience qualitatively different dimensions of pain, from physical illness all the way to moral and spiritual anguish. However, in modern society, whether it's seen as an injustice imposed by the 'elite' or the 'patriarchy', or as the deficiency of one drug or another, all forms of suffering are heaped together and judged as problems that must be remedied. And, more often than not, the remedy is worse than the disease.

Numerous teachings speak of the importance of consciously accepting our suffering, transforming it and ourselves in the process of everyday life. However, this leads us to the question - what are the means at our disposal to accomplish such a task? And, just as important, what is the difference between conscious suffering vs. senseless suffering, and what should our attitude be towards each? Join us today, on MindMatters, as we seek to distill practical answers from these complex questions.

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