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EnvironMENTALists being removed from a road block by police (eventually) after a controlled 'rebellion' in the City of London, April 2019.
For the past 10 days, climate change protesters have been causing havoc in central London.

Protesters - organized as the group Extinction Rebellion - have been distrupting traffic and bus routes by blocking bridges and major intersections in non-violent gatherings.

On Thursday, the Associated Press reports the group targeted London's financial business district, blocking the road outside investment bank Goldman Sachs. As part of their demonstration, some protesters glued themselves to the doorway of the London Stock Exchange.

One protester took it a step further, gluing her breasts to the ground outside Goldman Sachs offices on Fleet Street, The Sun reports.

Once they knew what had happened, police surrounded the woman, putting up screens while trying to free her from the road.

So, how did the police manage to unglue her ... upper half from the street?

The Sun reports Scotland Yard uses a "'fluid de-bonding agent" but didn't explain what exactly that means.

Dr. Mark Elliott, an organic chemistry professor at Cardiff University, told The Sun that warm, soapy water or acetone would work just fine to take care of the sticky situation. Of course, he added that it certainly wouldn't feel too good for the person being unglued.

In this case ... OUCH!

The Associated Press reports the group, Extinction Rebellion, said Thursday it would end any remaining demonstrations at Marble Arch and Parliament Square.

The group issued a statement Wednesday that said, "We know we have disrupted your lives. We do not do this lightly. We only do this because this is an emergency."

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