Everything starts with a thought, so let's start by making space for some new ones. The mind is the root of all clutter. It has helped you create everything you see and live, the good the bad and the ugly. Now let's put it to work, to de-clutter your whole life, step-by-step, freeing you from unwanted and unneeded life-sucking energy and burdens.

First and foremost, you need to monitor your thoughts. What are you thinking? Look around. Your reality is a reflection of your inner terrain, both mentally and emotionally. Be mindful of your thoughts. Be observant of how you respond to situations and your own beliefs. You can only hold one thought at the time, so remember that a negative, or un-serving thought is occupying the space of a serving one.

The subconscious mind, constantly nagging away, feeding us a myriad of false beliefs. Paired with our mental conscious blabbering, creates a clutter that can drive anybody off balance. Often referred to as the monkey brain, it goes on and on, like a run-away train. Not leaving room for anything but the ongoing internal dialog. It might feel like a trap, or you might not even be aware that it is occupying your space. Not until you become more mindful and able to observe your own thoughts and emotions.

So, the first step in choosing thoughts that serve instead of hinder is to become aware of your thoughts.

Start by minding your thoughts. Write a journal. Listen more and be mindful throughout your day. What is triggering your internal chatter? What are you saying about yourself and your situation? Keep your thoughts under surveillance. Let them know you are watching.

Be quiet. Spend at least 30 minutes every day in stillness. Let the mind settle, and just observe any thought that might arise or drift by. Practice makes all the difference. It takes time to change any old pattern, so give yourself time. Stillness is making room for grandness, the gems that you want to fill your life with. With too much clutter, the door to the divine wisdom is closed.

Think uplifting and empowering thoughts. The same way thoughts cannot enter the same space at the same time, choose to think more positive, serving thoughts. It might feel awkward at first, but it will change your life like nothing else. You are the thinker, and you absolutely hold the power to choose your thoughts. Use that power wisely and start affirming new and better thoughts consciously every single day. Once you observe a negative or un-serving thought sneak in, delete it and replace it with one that is. Write down positive affirmations everywhere. On your computer, on your phone, in your journal and on your bathroom mirror. Constantly be on the lookout for that weed, for that clutter.

Be the observer. By that I mean; step back and look at your inner and outer life from a perspective. Try to be more objective and less subjective. Observe from a far, without involving your feelings and emotions. Detach from the outcome of your desires. Let go of the need to know, and the need to control. Being an observer simply means that you are stepping back from the situation, without turning your back on it. It is so easy to get lost in the emotional and mental clutter, it can be hard to see the underlying patterns. Internal clutter is hard to see when it is embracing us with its false truths. Step back and think less.

Be grateful. A game changer in any situation is gratitude. The gate opener for love and peace. A feeling that will dissolve any negativity and bring calm and ease to our whole lives. So simple yet forgotten and overlooked by most of us. Stress and gratitude are as different as hate and love. They cannot exist at the same time. Inviting in the grace of appreciation and gratification is a great tool and key to lifting your life to that new level of awareness. Although not of the mind, and not a thought, gratefulness starts with the willingness and the mental conditioning of appreciation. Practice it every day, though meditation and your chosen focus. Be grateful for everything in your life, also the ability to do better. Be grateful for your own free will, and your new path to freedom and a clutter-free, true life.

Do something kind for someone. This energy opens your ability to let go of any self-pity and victim pattern. It has a ripple effect beyond belief. The best way to wipe out any dusty and negative pattern is to use a force or something better. Something of a higher vibration. Where there is light, there can be no darkness. Always speak with a kind tongue; "Is it kind, is it true, is it necessary?" Pride yourself in your words. They reflect your inner terrain, and therefore your own outer life. Speak uplifting words, help someone carry a heavy load, and assist a stranger. Donate your time or your smile. It does not matter. True kindness comes from the heart, and it will nourish your ability to open up and change.

Let go of the control. Yeah right! I know, this might sound crazy to anyone who is running a business, trying to keep everything together. It is everything but It is one of the greatest secrets to growing and evolving. Not to be confused with being the authority or the goal-getter. I am not talking about not working systematically and diligently towards what you want. When talking about de-cluttering our minds and lives, letting go of the control means not clinging to an outcome. It means resting in faith and knowledge that everything will turn out in the best possible way, so long as you keep doing your part. Your best, always.

Be creative, laugh and dance. Being physically open and playful has a great bearing on our mental state. Open up some space for easy going and flowing energy. Don't take everything so seriously. Life is short, and every day has an opening for some fun.
"Sometimes we just need more zen and less chaos in our lives. Less mind and more stillness." - Hilde Larsen