Nike airmax
© REUTERS / Mike Blake
An Air Max shoe made by Nike
NIKE has been urged to recall "offensive" Air Max trainers because they have "Allah's name in Arabic" on the sole.

Saiqa Noreen was appalled when she spotted text on the bottom of the shoe and accused the sports brand of "blasphemy".

The illustrative wording appears to spell out the words Air Max in a joined up font.

However, Saiqa is not convinced and at the very least believes Nike have made a clumsy error - offending millions of Muslims in the process.

In Muslim culture showing the sole of your shoe is seen as the height of disrespect.

The shoe is considered dirty because it touches the ground and is associated with the foot - the lowest party of your body.

Saiqa launched a petition for Nike to recall their train with more than 4,800 signing it.

She fumes: "Nike has produced the Nike Air Max 270 shoe with the script logo on the sole resembling the word Allah in Arabic, which will surely be trampled, kicked and become soiled with mud or even filth.

"It is outrageous and appalling of Nike to allow the name of God on a shoe.

"This is disrespectful and extremely offensive to Muslim's and insulting to Islam. Islam teaches compassion, kindness and fairness towards all.

"After recalling trainers in 1997, which had a similar logo depicting the word Allah, Nike claimed to have tighten scrutiny on logo design. So why has a similar design been approved?

"We urge Nike to recall this blasphemous and offensive shoe and all products with the design logo resembling the word Allah from worldwide sales immediately."

A Nike spokesman said: "Nike respects all religions and we take concerns of this nature seriously.

"The Air Max logo was designed to be a stylised representation of Nike's Air Max trademark. It is intended to reflect the Air Max brand only.

"Any other perceived meaning or representation is unintentional."