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Abigail McCourt was awarded a Local Hero award from Spire FM
Abigail McCourt has spoken about the Salisbury Novichok incident for the very first time.

The 16 year old, from Larkhill, was the first to spot two people collapsed on a bench in the Maltings on March 4th and didn't hesitate to help.

Abigail quickly alerted her mum, a qualified nurse, who was nearby and together they gave first aid to the victims until paramedics arrived.

It soon became clear this was no ordinary medical incident, but the poisoning of a former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia, with Novichok.

skripals bench novichok

The bench in the Maltings where the Skripals were found unconscious became part of a major crime scene.
Abby and her mum had to undergo hospital tests to make sure they weren't contaminated with the nerve agent.

It was an anxious time for the teen but Abby says she has "no hesitation" that she would do the same thing again despite the risk to herself.

Immediately following the incident and with the world's media focused on Salisbury, the pair didn't want any want press attention and kept their involvement quiet.

But Abby's mum now feels the time is right for her daughter to be recognised for the "incredible" way she dealt with the scenario.

Alison nominated her for the Lifesaver Award at Spire FM's Local Hero Awards, and the judges were unanimous in their decision that Abigail was a very worthy winner

Alison says she's incredibly proud of Abby:
"As a qualified nurse it was a fairly routine situation for me but my daughter was amazing. Her prompt actions, spotting them in difficulty, and the way she assisted me to put Yulia Skripal in the recovery position had a significant impact on the outcome of the two victims."
Last night (19th January) Abby collected her award in front of 150 guests including the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police.

Afterwards Abby gave her first ever interview to event hosts Martin Starke and Henrietta Creasey from Spire FM:

Abigail McCourt talks about her shocking discovery here (scroll down).

This award was one of 12 handed out at the ceremony at The Stones Hotel - read more about the other winners here.
Henrietta Creasey is part of the news team at Spire FM.