destroyed speed camara Yellow Vests
Devices covered with yellow jackets in symbolic gesture

95 per cent of speed cameras in one area of France have been completely destroyed as part of the 'yellow vest' anti-government protest movement.

According to Le Point, almost all speed cameras in Puy-de-Dôme, a region in central France, have been taped over, broken or burned.

"In the Puy-de-Dôme, 21 of the 22 speed cameras are out of service at the moment," states the report, adding that some were shot out while others were "covered with a symbolic yellow vest."

In France, motorists are required by law to have two high visibility jackets in their vehicle at all times, highlighting the onerous control citizens are subject to by the state.

Repair of speed cameras usually costs around 500 euros, but if the whole system has to be replaced it can cost up to 80,000 euros. The cameras were destroyed despite the threat of vandals facing 5 years in prison and large fines.

With more 'yellow vest' demonstrations planned for Saturday, authorities in Paris are preparing for major unrest, with army units reportedly en route to deal with riots.

French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux has also warned that extremists are trying to hijack the movement to launch a coup, remarking, "Politicized and radical elements are trying to turn this movement into an instrument. They want to overthrow the government."

The Eiffel Tower, Louvre & numerous other venues will be closed, with a government spokesman for President Macron telling AFP: "We have reason to fear great violence this Saturday."

Yesterday, a video emerged show high school children on their knees in front of police officers. The teenagers were protesting against education reforms, although police claim extremists infiltrated the group and staged violence.