The beleaguered people of France are partying like it's 1789. Having been overrun by migrants and occupied by globalists for far too long, the French people are standing up in their yellow vests and boldly proclaiming, "No More!"

A protest movement called "Gilets Jaunes/Yellow Vests" has emerged organically after French President Emmanuel Macron announced a fuel tax meant to cripple the French middle class in order to combat global warming. As the movement has grown, it has come to mean much more than just opposing a fuel tax. This is nothing short of the reclaiming of French identity.

Policemen, firefighters, EMTs, ambulance drivers, and other civil servants are turning their backs on the regime and showing solidarity with the Yellow Vests:

Although he was initially unwilling to capitulate, Macron is now ready to provide tax relief if it means getting the Yellow Vests off his back.

"If we need to cut spending faster to be able to cut taxes faster for households and businesses, I'm ready to commit to this course," Macron's Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said.

But the genie may have already left the bottle. The fuel taxes look to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Now that the public has tasted a little bit of blood, they want more of it. The Yellow Jackets are behaving like an organization set on full-blown revolution.

Unfortunately for Macron, the guillotines have already been dusted off. His fuel tax snafu may ultimately be his "Let Them Eat Cake" moment.

Macron would be wise at this point to swallow his pride and resign immediately because the Yellow Vests mean business. Now that Macron is essentially the de-facto head of the European Union project with Germany's Angela Merkel leaving office in the near future, this disaster could even sink modern globalism as we know it! We will continue covering these revolutionary developments as they come in.