Sun dog over Cambridge, UK
© Howard Moshtael
This is the moment a rare 'mock sun' appeared in the sky above one of Cambridge's best-known landmarks.

These pictures, taken today on Parker's Piece, show a 'sun dog', a rare solar event in which a second sun appears alongside our Sun.

It was spotted by Dr Howard Moshtael, 30, who is a science teacher at Hills Road Sixth Form and North Cambridge Academy.

He said: "I was just chilling with my friend after playing football in Parker's Piece before I looked up and beheld a little section of rainbow to the left of the sun and realised it was a sun dog.

"I had seen one once as a boy when with a weather enthusiast who pointed it out but had not seen it again until this day.

"I turned to my friend and told him, look it's a sun dog. And we both looked at it in wonder."
Sun dog over Cambridge, UK
© Howard Moshtael
What is a sun dog?

According to, sun dogs are occasionally seen about 22° to the left or right of the Sun.

They often form in pairs on either side of our daytime star when sunlight refracts through icy clouds containing hexagonal platecrystals aligned with their large, flat faces parallel to the ground.

Technically known as parhelia (singular parhelion) they are often white but sometimes quite colorful, looking like detached pieces of rainbow, with red on the inside, toward the Sun, and blue on the outside.

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