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War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength

George Orwell - "1984"
You can add to that, 'Inequality is Equality'.

In the weeks preceding Nov. 9th 2016, polls showed that the US presidential race was a done deal: Trump was just a clown, Hillary was a dead cert.

And then, KABOOM! American Liberals, Democrats and the mainstream media had a rude awakening as Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States.

How the hell did that happen?

Well, there's a little secret that many politicians in Western nations today seem to have forgotten. The way democracy works is that, to win an election, you have to actually win a majority of votes. And in order to win a majority of votes, you have to win over a majority of voters.

It's simple math. It's simple economics, too: Know your market. Ingroup self-referencing and hubris-fueled echo chambers don't cut it.

The Democrats' problem was that they made non-issues into first principles. Lets step into that Liberal echo-chamber for a moment:

  • The feels!
  • Equality!
  • Inclusion!
  • Human dignity!
  • Avoiding WWIII!
  • The future!
  • The sick!
  • The poor!
  • Planned parenthood!
  • My LGBT family!
  • Racism!
  • Sexism!
  • Misogyny!
Oh, the unspeakable darkness!

Anyway, coming back to reality for a moment, when I look at the above list, I wouldn't exactly say that any of these points are not important. I'm against racism, I believe in helping the sick, etc. etc. So why do I refer to these things as non-issues?

Here's the deal. I'm an ordinary, average person, and like all ordinary average persons in Western nations, I go to work during the day and I watch YouTube at night.

I don't really have any inflated aspirations. The quiet life I describe above will suit me just fine, thank you very much. I don't need to struggle, I don't need to fight anyone. And the reason for this is because I live in the comfort and stability of a Western civilized society. I'm free to choose to do whatever I please, as long as I'm not going around being a jerk and hurting other people. And if I was to do that, I would, at the very least, be ostracized (because of long-established socio-cultural norms), if not locked up in jail, where such miscreants rightfully belong.

I don't see black people being lynched. I don't see gay people being forcibly chemically castrated. I don't see women being made to stay in the house all day to do nothing but cook, clean and, if they have a few minutes to themselves, embroider. Anyone I've ever met who has been sick has had access to basic medical treatment, and anyone who wants to abort their unborn baby has the right to do so.

And I'm not alone in my observations. People only care about what directly affects them. What matters to them is that they're given the individual freedom to pursue their own interests. And, for the most part, in our society, people are given that freedom.

So is it such a surprise that the majority of people who benefit from such civilization might want to conserve it?

And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: The Donald.

Now, you might have thought that politicians, both in the US and around the world, would have looked at what happened in the US and thought about it for a while. They might have thought, 'You know, maybe it's not the best way to win an election by appealing to the relatively minor problems of a minority of voters. Maybe we should be looking at the major issues that impact the vast majority, like proper maintenance of infrastructure and investing in the people as a whole by implementing strategies for national economic growth and more jobs. Certainly that would be better than focusing on making a minority of rich people poorer out of resentment'.

Well, I'd like to think that some politicians and political parties might have taken that direction.

But the Labour Party in the UK is not one of them.

From RT:
'Will no one think of straight white men?' Labour defends equalities conference ban

Labour has defended its decision to ban heterosexual white men from its equality conference. The party is facing a backlash for saying attendees must self-define as disabled, LGBT, a woman, or from an ethnic minority background.

The one-day event will allow delegates to vote for women's, black and ethnic minority (BAME), disabled and LGBT representatives to the Young Labour National Committee.

Heterosexual white men are not allowed to vote in any of these categories, as rules state only women can vote for the women's representative, and only LGBT members can vote for the LGBT officer.
So this is the way to get rid of discrimination, is it? By dividing people into groups and discriminating between and against them? The solution to discrimination is more discrimination, only it's 'reverse discrimination'?

This is akin to someone pointing to a piece of stable, flat ground and saying, 'Look, everyone! There's a huge hole right there!' Most people look at the lovely, level asphalt and think, 'what are you talking about? You're crazy dude.' But then a few impressionable types gather around and start to listen, because they see where this is going, they see the potential. The impressionable types think to themselves: 'I don't understand the concept of a hole, but there seems to be a lot of emoting about it going on, so it sounds important. Maybe we should do something about it.'

At which point the instigator says, 'Everybody, grab a shovel and start digging! We're gonna find that hole!'

To focus on things like 'intersectionality' - a made up term for the dynamics between different fictional group-identities - is to argue against what made our civilization great: the sacredness of the individual, and what each individual has to offer. It is the resurrection of the collectivism of 20th century Communism, which lead to the untold suffering and deaths of millions.

But, for the rabble-rousers, that doesn't matter because it's all about 'The Feels' - their feels. Each of us has to feel good about ourselves; everyone does. But instead of deriving meaning in our lives and self-respect the proper way - through hard work that brings pragmatic, empirical, beneficial results to ourselves and our society - many people today opt to lazily replace that with narcissistic 'virtue signalling'.

And politicians think that's how they're going to win voters? Someone should let them in on that other little secret; if you pursue that policy, you just alienate a majority of your voters; the same majority that builds your homes, drives your trucks, fixes your leaks, keeps the heating on in winter and keep the lights on at night.

And when the job is done, when the majority are fully disenchanted and marginalized by the 'minority rights' mantra, and the politicians look around and wonder what the hell went wrong, the very last thing they'll do is look in the mirror, take responsibility and admit that radical ideologies of any stripe, regardless of how positive they sound, are toxic to all human societies. Instead, they'll figure - like Macbeth - that they are 'in blood stepped in so far that, should they wade no more, returning were as tedious as to go o'er', and they'll double-down and finish the job of running millennia of progress into the ground.