Nikki Haley
Dumb Hicks for Israel: Nikki Hicky Haley
The fact that Nikki Haley occupies the position she does is a real head-scratcher, but then again, maybe not.

Haley is one of the most abject grovelers to the American Israel lobby. Check out this extraordinary video of her bowing and scraping at a recent Israel lobby event - it is not to be believed:

So maybe her ambassadorship was some kind of political promise in return for Jewish votes on something - who knows, the swamp is the swamp...

Her latest embarrassment to the country was to just make up a story about Russia out of thin air. Trump acts like she doesn't exist, which confirms the theory that she was just a bargaining chip.

He probably thinks she is just some dumb THOT he never has to talk to.

60 Minutes of the most essential news.

The US President, Donald Trump is worried about a new possible chemical attack in Syria. It seems, he'll have to save his Tomahawks for later. He needs everyone on the UN Security Council to vote to renew the Joint Investigative Mechanism for Syria to ensure that the Assad Regime does not commit mass murders with chemical weapons ever again.

Voting to renew the powers of the Mechanism means adopting the American resolution, or the American scenario.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says that she spent hours trying to reach her Russian counterpart, Vasily Nebenzya, apparently, to deliver Trump's message, and Nebenzya, imagine this, didn't pick up his phone!

And then he vetoed the American resolution.

Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN:

"For some reason, the phone of the Russian Mission doesn't work. We tried reaching them, but this week they were too busy to talk to us. And when I tried to call Vasily, for some reason he was not available."

Vasily Nebenzya:

"Wrong! Not a single missed call on my phone. And our experts replied as many times as they have been contacted by their US counterparts."


Our diplomats are so trendy, answering via Twitter.

Unbelievable! She called but couldn't reach him. And the other goes:


"You didn't call me at all."

Anyway, why was reaching Vasily so important? Recently the UN Investigative Commission on Chemical Weapons, the so-called JIM, introduced its first official report. The culprit responsible for the attack on Khan Shaykhun, the one that startled Ivanka Trump and made Donald Trump, her daddy, press the button that launched the Tomahawks was, allegedly, the Syrian Air Force and, consequently, Russia which is considered to be in bed with Assad. Yep.

The experts of the Commission didn't even bother to investigate the scene despite being invited there.

And the witnesses are the notorious White Helmets. It's needless to say, Russia wasn't satisfied with JIM's work. However, Washington greatly enjoyed the report, as well as the work of the Commission. Our calls for a new thorough investigation were simply interpreted as advocating for chemical attacks against Syrian civilians.

Level 80 logic, as the cool kids say.

Or rather, as Sergey Lavrov called it: "fake diplomacy."

Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister:

"Despite Mrs. Haley nervously claiming that the Russian Mission had been denying her suggestions to meet and discuss the two draft resolutions, that never happened. It's a lie.

Perhaps, we are facing a new notion in international relations. Now there's not only "fake news" to deal with, but also "fake diplomacy."