Haider Al Abadi
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi said Iraq is slowly returning to its previous position of playing an important role in the Middle East, stressing that Iraq seeks friendly relations with its neighbors and will, in case of any dispute, aim to resolve it in a friendly way, rather than involving itself in conflicts.

"We will not allow anyone to use our sovereign land to attack Iran or any other country, no matter what", Al Abadi was heard saying while delivering a a speech on Sunday.

Al Abadi pointed out that during the time of counter-terrorism operations, the Iraqi forces discovered large parts of territory that was controlled by ISIS, however, much of that land has been regained since and security and stability are widening on daily basis and reconstruction is already being made.

The Iraqi Prime Minister also said that ISIS and the related groups, fighting against the Iraqi Army, could be supported by the intelligence agencies and not the governments themselves, meaning it's highly important to eradicate corruption on all levels, a thing crucial for the successful international cooperation in fight against terrorism.