Racist graffitti
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Reports of racist incidents and hate crimes have risen in the wake of Donald Trump's election win - including two separate attacks on hijab-wearing women by men allegedly invoking the new president-elect.

Many of the incidents have been posted on social media sites, with a large number reportedly happening at educational institutions across the country.

A Muslim woman in California wearing her hijab was robbed of her car Wednesday by two men who made comments about Trump and the Muslim community at San Diego University, according to a police statement.

Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime, robbery and vehicle theft.

In a separate incident at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, another female student wearing a hijab was beaten, robbed and had her hijab ripped off by two men. One of them was wearing a white "Trump" hat, according to the victim.
Now if she is a minority would this be considered a hate crime? @ULLafayettepic.twitter.com/XN56zjXruD

— Sidney J (@Si5D_) November 10, 2016
Lafayette Police Department are working with ULL police to investigate the incident.

Meanwhile, students at Wellesley College, outside Boston, Massachusetts, posted on Facebook that two people drove around campus Wednesday jeering at African-American students and screaming "Trump" and "Make America Great Again."

High schools in states like Utah, Minnesota and Pennsylvania have also reported an increase in racial bullying and vandalism.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, police released footage of a suspect who spray painted three vehicles and one house with racially charged messages including "Trump Rules," according to the Philadelphia Voice

Police in Philadelphia also responded to two more incidents of vandalism where swastikas and the German phrase "Sieg Heil 2016" ‒ which translates as "Hail Victory" ‒ were spray painted onto properties, along with the word "Trump."

People have also shared personal experiences of racist abuse and bigotry through social media platforms.

There has also been reports of a spike in transgender suicides following Trump's victory. Guardian journalist Zach Stafford initially reported at least eight suicides but later updated it as even higher, citing a statement from transgender support organization GenderInc.

Trans support hotlines also reported a spike in calls on election night.