A shocking video of a white man being beaten by a group of black youths while witnesses shout, "You voted Trump," and, "Don't vote Trump," has been posted online.


The disturbing footage shows the man lying on the ground, struggling to get up as he is repeatedly punched and kicked in the head.

The incident happened in broad daylight at the corner of South Kedzie Avenue and Roosevelt Road in Chicago.

At one point, the victim manages to rise from the ground and make his way back to his vehicle, shouting "get out of my car" to one of the gang crouched over the driver's seat.

However, he is followed by one of the attackers who starts hitting him again.

A male and female voice can be heard behind the camera shouting, "Don't vote Trump."

In another, longer video of the incident overlaid with a rap song, F**k Donald Trump, we can see a man driving off in the car, dragging the victim along while he desperately hangs on to the vehicle with one arm inside the window.

The attack comes as protests take place across the US in the wake of Trump's election as president.

Thousands marched through downtown Chicago, Wednesday and broke through a police barricade at Trump's hotel in the city.

Five people were arrested during a separate protest on Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, which blocked traffic, according to the Chicago Tribune.